Game 7 Thread vs A&M Corpus (W 4-2)

King is on the mound for the COOGS today.


Wong C
Padgett CF
Davis 1B
Scheiner 2B
Lockhart RF
Triolo 3B
Bielamowicz DH
Etzel LF
Hollis SS

Top 1st
COOGS go 3 up 3 down

Bottom 1st
King Ks the side

This one can be watched at the following link: Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Athletics - Official Athletics Website

Top 2nd
Lockhart singles with one out
Bielamowicz walks to move him to 2nd with 2 outs
Etzel singles Lockhart home…Coogs lead 1-0

Bottom 2nd
Groundout to 1st, Groundout to short, K #4

Top 3rd
Padgett gets hit by a pitch and Scheiner gets hit in the helmet, but is ruled to have not gotten out of the way before flying out to end the inning.

M3…UH Leads 1-0

Bottom 3rd
Leadoff single to short, sac bunt, groundout to the pitcher, and a high chopper to short for another single scores a run…Tied 1-1

Single up the middle puts runners on the corners with 2 outs. Groundout to King ends the innings.

Nothing really hit hard, but A&MCC gets a run in.

Score Tied 1-1

Top 4th
Triolo singles with one out, Bielamowicz doubles to put runners on 2nd and 3rd, and Etzel hits a grounder to short to drive home Triolo, Bielamowicz to 3rd…Coogs lead 2-1

Hollis flies out to left to end the inning.

Bottom 4th
3 up, 3 down for the Islanders. King gets his 5th K.

UH Leads 2-1

Top 5th
Wong walks on 4 pitches and the Islanders go to the bullpen
Davis walks after a sac bunt by Padgett.
Scheiner then singles home Wong, Davis to 3rd…Coogs lead 3-1
Lockhart Fielder’s Choice brings home Davis…Coogs lead 4-1
Triolo singles to get Lockhart to 3rd, but Bielamowicz grounds out to end the inning

Bottom 5th
3 up, 3 down on 3 groundouts. King rolling

UH leads 4-1

Video feed is top notch. Hunter take notes and duplicate.

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Top 6th
Etzel is hit by a pitch, but the Coogs can’t do anything with it

UH leads 4-1

Bottom 6th
King gives up a single to left with 2 outs, but works around it to end the inning.

UH leads 4-1

Top 7th
Coogs go 3 up, 3 down

UH leads 4-1

Bottom 7th
Error by Scheiner and a single put 2 runners on with no outs. Fielder’s choice puts runners on the corners, but King makes a great play on a squeeze to get the runner at the plate. 1st and 2nd 2 outs
King gets his 6th K to end the inning

UH leads 4-1

Top 8th
2 out error and a single by Hollis gives the Coogs 2 runners, but that’s all they get.

UH leads 4-1

Bottom 8th
King works around a 1 out single to retire the side

UH leads 4-1

Top 9th
Davis with a one out standup triple that went about 400 feet to straight center
Coogs can’t get him home as Scheiner K’s and Lockhart grounds out

UH leads 4-1