Game day thread. UH vs UTA

Well the Coogs came out on fire but now look like they were replaced by local guys at the gym.

UTA went on a 12-2 run

Grimes picks up 2 fouls early

Nate already in double figures scoring

Nwo Jerreau is pulled and in the doghouse and Sasser is back in. The team has shown spurts but still trying put it all together.

Not a travel on Dejon…should’ve been jump ball.

SMH refs

Cedric Ally sighting.


Gorham has really good standing posture.

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You could hang clothes out on Alley’s shot how flat it is.

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Warren for Arlington is pretty legit

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Sasser needs to pull the trigger. He’s passed on 2 threes already.

Mills is clearly not ready for the game yet.

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Yeah. If they all had that, well, that would be a lot of good posture.

Gorham messed up so badly on defense he checked himself out lol


My grandma would have been proud of him. Keep that back straight even in a game.

Coach just needs to get over it and let the Coogs play in zone. This team had shown to be good at it. I don’t think we have the lateral quickness of the smaller UH teams of the past years to play man to man.

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Nate trying to put up a 30 piece


Ok mills starting to warm up. Like it.


Coogs up 32-25 with 3:23 left in the first half.

Nice come back by Fabian after having that defensive lapse on the previous play.

I don’t think its foot speed but discpline. Guys jumping at every fake, getting beat back door, etc.

Yeah Fabian just sleeping on that last defensive possession

We gotta get it into Gorham when they go zone

3 straight turnovers…