Game Thread: Temple at UCF (6:30pm on ESPN)

didnt see a thread yet

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why do i have this gut feeling that Temple will win

Because they have been screwing our conference over all year.

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Good stop by UCF.

UCF ILBs look small

Damn thought they might run that back.

UCF special uniforms are nice.

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Hey look good, but makes me feel like I’m watching Memphis


Coogfans posters would consider this stadium half empty

lol im jk

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Damn. They blocked the field goal.

cant believe it is already November

this season really went by fast

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We put pressure on temple QB we will win, he looks shaky under pressure _

td ucf

When’s are coaches gonna learn and start calling TOs when there’s a questionable catch on the sideline?


Those 2 catches were out. These refs are garbage. Temple coach should’ve contested it. Momentum at its finest

The TD was in, the other was close and it was smart to quick snap on UCF’s part.

wtf was that lol

Nah first catch was definitely out. Second catch his foot was out so it makes him ineligible to catch. These refs are horrible. TD was in yeah

UCF gotta do better than this

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20 is the Over/Under for the number of times I’m going to shake my head tonight and say “freaking Temple”