Game tickets for Memphis basketball

Virtually the entire arena is sold (except very expensive tickets), and I’m wanting to take two friends to the Memphis game who have never been to a college basketball game (pro fans). I checked on Cougar site and there are very few reasonably priced tickets still available. I went to the professional site and tickets are all over the place, but 4 x the cost of tickets through Does anyone have tickets for sale for that game or any suggestions?

Either buy the seats at the back of 110 or call the ticket office because the program is probably holding back tickets for remaining mini plans.

They will release 1500 tickets 1 hour before the game


The ticket office has the dumbest ticket strategies by holding back tickets then releasing them late in the game.

  1. it is trying to create a false sense of demand that just drives people to over pay on the secondary market, no additional revenue for UH. If secondary market tickets are too expensive people just don’t buy.

  2. those who do by in the secondary market or buy the expensive tickets from UH fell ripped off and resentful when a glut of held back tickets are released and people could have gotten better value for their money.

We have seen this at football games and it is just an idiotic way to sell tickets.


Iike against St Louis

I’ve been on line and with the ticket office trying to purchase mini-plan tickets (I’m a CP member). My choice is either Memphis or Wichita State plus a second game. I would prefer 104 since that’s where my seats are. There is nothing available in mini-plans. However, when I go to Stubhub (or whatever) they have tickets available for $27 apiece (minimum), tickets I would pay $14 for through UH. I know the school needs to make money, but this is a helluva way to build a fan base, it seems to me. What ticks me off is there they have been empty seats all over 104 at every game this season. I may wait until the last minute to see if I can get a better deal.


I think our ticket office doesn’t trust our fane base after the last 20 years. I don’t know when these decisions were made but it kills working stiff ticket sales.

I’m well past the point of being surprised at our ticket offices’ foolishness and incompetence.

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Tickets start at $11 on stubhub