Game time on Sunday for Wichita?

Time? Sold out?


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Shockers travel well and are normally well-represented. Good fan base. Should be a fun atmosphere. Critical game in the AAC.

Isnt our game 2 hours before the XFL game… traffic is going to be horrible…

I think the xfl game is on Saturday.

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It’s sold out, just hope all of the season ticket holders show up.


Xfl game is Saturday

Exciting game. Could knock WSU out of regular season race.

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Are you a season ticket holder?


Yes SRO only

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Is there television for the old folks?

If we use all of the previously played home games this year the answer is no not all of the season ticket holders will show up. Possible excuses will be there is a chance of rain in the afternoon, XFL hangover, and construction on our roads.


I thought you meant XFL

So funny for me now to see the word “sellout” for Cougar basketball games. It’s become a guarantee that there’ll be very noticeable empty seats everywhere. I’m glad that at the very least, now, that the ticket office is selling SRO.

BUT, I read about the restriction going down the aisles. I’m a season ticket holder and I have no problem with SRO fans sitting in empty seats in the second half.

However, overall, it is great to see that somebody is buying seats to sell out the arena. It was not but 4 years ago when barely 2K showed up for some games.


Time to get loud Coogs!
Bigtime home game.

I’m sure the box office loves to sell SRO duckets, but empty seats stand out on television like a sore thumb. Empty seats don’t make noise. Shout out to Season Ticket holders that can’t make it to the game, give away your tickets, put em on this site and they will be scarfed up, hand em to students, your friends and neighbors. Lets put bodies in those seats! EATEMUPCOOGS!



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I misread someplace, thanks!