Game time vs. USF on the 27th?

Are they gonna release the time tomorrow or what? I bring a large group from my church every year and it’s difficult to work out the logistics of it if I cant get a set time soon enough


Probably Monday.

6 day hold. Game time will be released tomorrow AM.

The ticketing office is at it again. Discounting tickets at $20 the week of a game and giving the shaft to season ticket holders. They are tweeting out ticket discounts.

I’m still going to continue to buy season tickets. I don’t care if it’s cheaper to buy week to week.


Most all of us season ticket holders understand the marketing sense of this and also the need to sell tickets. We also understand it is more fun with more people in the stands and by selling cheap tickets they are adding to our enjoyment. I don’t feel screwed at all and if it takes selling cheap tickets, I just hope we sell out.


I am a season ticket holder and I don’t feel “shafted”… I want them to sell it out! Go Coogs!


This will almost certainly be a night game. My Wolfpack crapped the bed today. USF vs UH will be an excellent draw next Saturday night. The only possible negative is UT vs Okie St is at 7 already.

Just keep my aisle clear so I can get in and out and you can sell as many $20 tickets as you want.

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USF is tied with UConn at the half, 7-7.

Fine with UConn coming within 34 of USF but better on multiple levels if USF remains undefeated

USF better win lol

Just did…in USF fashion…by 8.

That’s because they want to sell tickets. I’m not sure how this shafts season ticket holders

My views are that the ticketing office is not incentivizing season ticket sales. Fans can just wait a week before the game and the ticket will be half the price of what it would be at the season ticket price for the same seat. Some fans might not want to spend on season tickets that has Texas Southern priced in when they can just wait until a week before the games they want to attend, and the ticket will be half the price. The conferences we hope to get into look at season ticket sales, and this ticketing strategy can be hurting our numbers.

So you would rather keep the tickets full price and have the seats be empty? I have season tickets and I’m guessing you do to. If you’re mad you paid more for tickets than someone else will pay week of that’s not the ticket office’s fault. There’s not enough demand to keep the prices where they were originally listed.

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What this tells me is that the pricing strategy is not meeting demand. If you have to dump a bunch of tickets off at half price. It is the job of the ticketing office to set prices that do meet demand. Maybe prices in some sections are too high.

Puh-leaze! Do some of you people ever stop creating sh*t to bitch about?

Yeah, it’s the ticket office’s job to sell tickets. It’s also our job to buy tickets. Whether we buy season or single game, who gives a rats arse! The trick is to fill out the stadium for our next game. If that means dumping a boatload of tickets on the market and selling it at off price, so be it. The more the merrier. We want noise!

If you don’t like it, then buy tickets. Stop bitchin’ about it. :hear_no_evil::see_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


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I’m just talking about it. Others seem to be the one getting upset about it. Telling me to shut up and buy the tickets is over the line. I never said I wasn’t going to buy tickets anymore. The whole purpose of this board is to give perspective and debate. I just want UH football to be successful and I think the current ticketing strategy is flawed and explained my reason.

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