Game time vs. USF on the 27th?

We buy season tickets to UH football to scratch our CFB itch and support the university. It’s a great entertainment value. It’s nice to sit in the same seats and we enjoy the people around us. A crowd of 30,000 bothers people now. I’m guessing Robertson held 33-35k so attendance has made some strides. The seats in the upper corners are like the stuff in the dollar bins at Target. Any revenue you get for it is a plus. You also hope you get some new people out that come back to a few more games.

In 2014 we were given tickets to the UNLV game by someone at work. We went to the Tulsa game also. There were only about 15k actually at that game. We enjoyed those two games enough that we rolled the dice on 2015 season tickets. They came up 7 and the rest is history.