Game winning drive.......Ward or Keenum

If you need to go on a game winning drive, who would be your QB?
A. Greg Ward
B. Case Keenum

lol really? Love Ward but I vote Case. NEVER felt out of it so long as Case was behind the helm.

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I was talking about this while hanging out with a few friends and nobody ever brought this situation up, so I wanted to ask the fans.

It’s close and certainly not lol-worthy, IMO. I’d lean Case, as he was so surgical with his accuracy.

Ideally, I’d take Case between the 20’s, and then Ward in the redzone. We often struggled in the redzone with Case, because of the lack of room for the offense to operate, while Ward is a TD-scoring machine in the redzone.



Case. He did it so many times in his career that it would be hard to pick against him.



Texas Tech
Southern Miss

Louisiana Tech

Ward’s had the Pitt Bowl game and last year’s Louisville game (although this is a bit of a stretch as there was still 3 minutes left on the clock when we scored last). Not really his fault, we just haven’t been in as many close games with him.

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Which one of your children do you love more?


Case, next question.

I think Kronke has a good point but the one year when that was different was 2011. In 2011 we were strong in the redzone because we had 3 amazing running backs and a tight end that made us unstoppable.

That being said, Case hands down. No matter what, I ALWAYS felt we could come back. I remember all those times there only being 1:30 or less on the clock and without hesitation I knew “we got this”. This is no slight to Greg, I just feel that the fans, the coaches, and most importantly ALL of his teammates knew that he was going to drive them down to get the winning score.


Luckily I don’t have any children yet!

Case with the team he was on. Ward with this team. The offensive schemes are different.

This one is tough…I’m such a huge fan of both of them. I’m leaning Case, myself, but by no means, is that a slight on Greg. I would feel comfortable with either one of them at the helm. Good problem to have to be honest. Go Coogs!

Greg Ward could possibly when a national championship and a Heisman this year…and yet I still would want Keenum. Not sure if that is rational…



Keenum. No question. Could run and throw.

Do not even have to think about it. I want Case at the helm above all UH QBs and it is not close to me. Case is my favorite athlete I have ever watched play any game.

Go Coogs!


2009s Texas Tech and Tulsa games were enough to make a statue of the guy. Nothing against Ward, but Case wins this argument today. Ask again after the season.

Just to play devil’s advocate, our huge comeback against Memphis last year was led by… Kyle Postma.

When we had to keep the ball towards the end of the Peach Bowl, most of the drive that produced the game-sealing TD was led by… Kyle Postma.

Ward and Case are both winners, but in a two-minute drill to win a game, I want Case.

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The “Ward inside the red zone” argument has merit, but I think I still take Case 10 times out of 10. Ward has made great strides, but Case’s field vision and decision-making was second to none. There was never a drive with Case under center that I thought would result in anything less than a TD, no matter what point in the game. That said, I am unbelievably excited to see Ward’s progress this year as opposed to last year in a brand new system. In 2015, Herman kept saying what we were seeing from Greg was just scratching the surface of his capabilities. If that was true, this year is going to be really fun.

Case did lead us back more often than Ward but that’s because we don’t trail nearly as much with Ward in there (or with a legit defense).

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