Gameday Promotions

I’m a little disappointed that the Gameday Promotions list is mostly blank as of today…

Maybe they were too busy helping with ticket sales to remember to update this list. Hopefully there will be some promotion for the regular fans tomorrow too (besides a W). I liked last year’s give-a-ways, I was looking forward to what might be offered this year.

I thought I was the only one who discovered that page. Last year the promotions were epic. It was cool seeing so many people with the scarf and gloves from last season. It was really good stuff. It will be hard for them to do better than last year.

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Maybe we just don’t need no stinkin giveaways to fill the stands anymore!

Maybe not, but neither do the Texans and they still do giveaways.

We may not NEED them, but it was a cool bonus. No one is complaining, just thinking back to last season and how cool it was. I think the only 3 that I got was the receiver gloves, the scarf and the “Coogs park here” sign. Alot of people brought those scarfs to ATL as well.

I believe the new marketing guy said they wanted to save money for advertising and such instead of doing giveaways. They are doing giveaways for the students though.

From what I understood, the giveaways weren’t really enough of a draw to make a difference. Why you’ve been seeing more advertisements this year for games.

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Ideally, you get the giveaways sponsored so they have some sort of sponsor logo on them too.

I got a snazzy credit card holder to put on the back of my smartphone from TDECU at the Oklahoma game.

I’ll start the bidding at $46. Auction ends at noon today.

that makes sense.

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