Gameday Reactions

It’s only been on for 11 minutes, and I’m already so proud of our fans.

The intro to the show literally brought tears to my eyes. This feels like an incredible dream!


How full is it?

Not very, club section and section above it that’s it

Where are your tickets for the game?

Section 106

The opening sequence with the red lights and the floor show was awesome. That was something truly unique and it is on our campus. Loved it.


Great event today and loved seeing all the students there.
We represented well.


The opening segment was awesome. Just amazing through the first break.

Also, loved the Tie Slama Jama sign.


So, I had to miss the entire thing. Forgot to record it too. Doh!

Pics/screenshots/vids would really be doing me a solid…little help here folks!!!

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My kids had fun…wanted to stay for the game, but I have to work unfortunately

Did you do a head count?

Just thought out the string and it was easy: Stuff appears top be all over. Might focus on youtube as well:

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Love the Tie Slama Jamma !