Gameday Thread: (10) Houston vs South Carolina 12/5 5pm CST ESPN+ (W 77-67)

Coogs return home after a long break to face an SEC opponent in the South Carolina Gamecocks. ESPN’s BPI gives the Coogs a 79.2% chance of coming out with the W.

The Gamecocks are led on offense by their two starting guards, 6’4 So. Jermaine Couisnard and 6’6 Jr. AJ Lawson. Leading rebounder is 6’6 So. forward Justin Minaya. Rounding out the starting lineup are a pair of junior forwards, 6’5 Keyshawn Bryant and 6’7 Alanzo Frink. The Gamecocks shoot about 35% of their shots from behind the arc, making 30%.

Gamecocks are coached by Frank Martin, who took over the program in 2012, coming over from Kansas State. He has a career 265-173 record, 148-119 at Carolina, including an improbable run to the Final Four in 2017.

I will leave you with a comment from the South Carolina message board that made me literally laugh out loud:

I’ll also say that when it comes to coaching vs. Kelvin Sampson, I take Frank Martin ahead of him strategy-wise any day of the week. Kelvin is great at the X’s and O’s, but Frank Martin is good at that PLUS he squeezes every last drop of effort and talent out of his players that he can.


Guess his hands were sore last year and he couldn’t squeeze !!


CKS took a team with 3 starters who had 0 P5 offers to the sweet sixteen, but sure, Wilson’s the one who gets all the talent out of his players.


Wilson ?

Sorry, I meant Martin. Had the old UTSA football coach on the brain, I guess.

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This guy must be drunk.


Yeah, effort. Wish we had some of that.


Wilson is a volleyball with a co-starring role in a Tom Hanks movie, “Castaway.”


SC should have confidence in their coach Martin is a good one. But c’mon CKS deserves way more respect than that.

Soccer ball??? :crazy_face:

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So what time is the game Saturday? It’s changed a couple of times and has me confused

5pm was latest I heard

Ok thanks. All this changing the time is making it hard to remember

I’m stupid. Misread the tweet they sent out it’s a 7 pm tip-off for the Sam Houston game my bad


Looks like they are sticking with the 5 pm tip

The Coogs are good, but they cannot let a team they should beat slip up on them.
Keep the hammer down Coogs!

Well, maybe a volleyball, definitely not a basketball, football, or baseball. Yeah, I think volleyball, it didn’t have all those little multi sided patches (pentagons?). I will edit the original.

Just ribbing ya. No worries. :sunglasses: :+1: