Gameday Thread: Cincinnati @ UH 3/1 12 Noon Central ESPN (W 68-55)

Starting this a little early due to the start time tomorrow.

Coogs open as 6.5 point favorites. 7s showing up also.

Crush them!


Oh we definitely “owe” them, but owe ourselves moreso. Hopefully CKS let’s the team play the game fully, or at least to within a few minutes before the final buzzer sounds. We were destroying them at Cincinnati and CKS let’s the air out of the ball with 10 or so minutes to play, not to mention some not so good substitutions.

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I remember the ESPN announcer saying how their fans booed our team badly when we came on their court, well it’s payback time at noon, Booooooooooooo!!! Lol

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Jon Rothstein: “Houston’s Quentin Grimes (hip) will be a game-time decision”

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On a related note… Happy March Madness month everybody! It feels great to be relevant again!


Let’s start March off with a statement victory!


I trust Sampson in March.

I trust the Coogs at home.

I don’t trust the Coogs in a close game. Lets go Wichita State on them and build a 20 point lead.

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I wish once in my life that everyone would be in their seats 10 minutes before tipoff.


Crowd is definitely light so far.

Must be a late arriving crowd. Where is everyone? Coog Brass is loud! I like the all white storm trooper look.

Refs are picking on Deeky now. That is not right. If anything he was being held down.


After he was pushed 2 ft away from Cincy rebounder


On another not, maybe Nate and Sampson have been reading this board on Hintons lack of aggressiveness on offense. If Nate is aggressive on offense than it will force Chamberlain play D.

So far they’re calling phantom fouls on Coogs.

Looks like the refs want to be part of the game again.

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Shots not going in

Cincy playing loose — we look a bit tight. Gotta keep up the defense.

Worst white out crowd ever. Lol. Our fans always insist on wearing red. Go Coogs!

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