Gameday Thread: Houston @ USF | 6:30pm | ESPNU



Here in Tampa! I’m the one standing next to the crazy 5 year old waving alumni pompoms.


Lots of upsets / near-upsets today, so have a feeling this game will be tough


Bless you, 3WC.

Go Coogs

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Can’t let up now, let’s destroy them

Is the logo on Holgy’s shirt a preface in the new uniforms?

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No, he’s just a big fan of Jordan brand. However, I think someone mentioned that UH is working on getting football officially Jordan Brand too?

Cdh has mentioned it in interviews more than once so you know they’re working on it. The new B12 would only have our hoops as Jordan brand with OU gone.

Here we go. About to get revenge for the hard L we took on the girls’ thread.

What a start

Oh ****

Great start lol


Well, that’s a piss poor way to start a game.

Looks like a goat on their helmet. Can we restart the game?

That’s how you start a game

Our kick off team is really bad, why don’t we kick it in the back on the Endzone ??

In before the fire xyz person.