GAMEDAY THREAD: TCU at Houston 9/16 7:00 Pm Fox

“Welcome To The S–t Show”
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What is worse for a defense…

An offense that scores too much too fast.


An offense that scores seldomly or not at all thru tempo and plays trying to buy time for the defense to recover.

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Please win Colorado State so the Colorado media boot licking can stop.


Fresno State coach?

Now we can be an arseho P5 that picks off G5 coaches.

We need to offer that head coach from Alabama. Word has it on this board if we has offered Sanders before he took the Cu job he would have accepted.

I was really rooting for Colorado to lose lol. Must be nice to have ESPN as your school’s hype man

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Blockquote Why search behind his back?

Why not? We did it to Major, we can do it to Dana.

Getting the band back together but this time with more resources, better recruits, more exposure and in a P4 conference.

Maybe Herman + Orlando + new OC will be anothrt Aerosmith and find their way back to the top of the charts!

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:joy: :rofl:

Ok that made me laugh.

Well done.

I was able to stream other games on hulu from my seat in 117 at halftime.

Wow! Plz share what your were using — Phone & Connection: WiFi or Cell provider

Connected to the TDECU wifi with a 3 year old LG droid phone…

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