Games this weekend: 2/5 and 2/6

Best games:

*UCONN @ Villanova (11am CST) FOX

*Baylor @ Kansas (3pm CST) ESPN

*Duke @ North Carolina (5pm CST) ESPN

*Kentucky @ Alabama (7pm CST) ESPN


*UCF @ Memphis (7pm CST) ESPN2

*SMU @ Wichita St (5pm CST) ESPN2

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I wanted to go to Duke @ UNC but I’m still testing positive for rona… Damn! Damn! Damn!

Would’ve been an expensive ticket

Yeah… I might’ve paid $100 to go but not $250…

Look at these ridiculous prices for Coach K’s last game against UNC @ Duke…

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Kansas going to have a 1.5 lead on the rest of the Big 12 after today

Epic battle to determine 6th/7th place in the AAC!


Possible NIT bid on the line




The tickets for UNC @ Duke have always been like that. I can’t remember when they haven’t. When Zion was there they were averaging 4k for the uppers. And people pay it. Those season holders don’t lose but they also must be extremely hard to get or there must be an extremely long wait-list.

Duke has kinda a small arena (9300 capacity). Kansas is 16K capacity.

I wonder what Duke season tickets cost?

Probably one of the most expensive ones in college basketball.

So if you have season tickets, that Duke vs Carolina game is where you can get your money back

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Baylor wins today imo


Watching Villanova-UConn right now. I do not miss Danny Hurley. He’s a good coach but his sideline antics are too much for my liking. Plus he has an extremely punchable face lol


I like making money but unless I’m sick or dead I’m going to see the Coogs play!


Dan Hurley and UConn fall at Villanova.


Great start to the day

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College basketball is so CRAZY, you might be right but Baylor still looks like it has lost its way right now.

Auburn in a dog fight with UGA tied with under 8 to play. Pun intended

Georgia up by 2 with three and a half left.

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