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Big Day of College Hoops
Upcoming Foes in Italics

Maryland-Miami = Noon
Illinois-Virginia = 2 PM
Baylor-UCLA = 4:30 PM
Kentucky-Gonzaga = 6:30 PM
Houston-Oregon = 8:30 PM

Murray St-Tulsa = 9:30 AM
St Louis-Providence = 2:30 PM
Penn St-Colo St = 5:30 PM

Colo-Boise St = 6 PM

VCU-Memphis = 4 PM

Okla St-Depaul = 3:30 PM
UCF-Santa Clara = 6 PM

James Madison-UNC = 11 AM


Food for thought. We get the ACC network here in Michigan (we have Comcast.) However, the PAC-12 Network network is on a higher tier. SEC, B1G, and ACC networks are all accessible.

Oh, and with 12 minutes left, UNC is up 11, but JMU is giving them a fight. UNC started the 2nd half with a 19 point lead, but it’s been steady between 9-11 points for a while. If JMU could shoot a little better, it could get interesting.

Tech v Creighton today at 2:30… Should be a good one.

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#21 TT and #10 Creighton are tied 20-20 with 6:40 left in 1st half. TT playing solid D.

Creighton can really shoot the ball. TT still painful to watch on offense

Texas Tech went from having an abundance of good guards last yr:

*Kevin McCullar

*Terrance Shannon

*Davion Warren

*Adonis Arms

*Clarence Naldony

*Mylik Wilson

Now they have

*Davion Harmon (Oregon transfer)

*Elijah Fisher (true freshman)

*Pop Issacs (true freshman)

*Kerwin Walton (UNC transfer)

*Jaylon Tyson (Texas transfer)

*D’MAURIAN WILLIAMS (Gardner Webb transfer)

Harmon and Tyson are okay. But the guard play is a big downgrade it seems for Tech

Tech without Fardaws Aimaq, might get their butt whopped by Texas this yr.

Florida St struggling with Mercer, might fall to 0-5. Really cheering for Mercer just because I don’t think a program has ever lost 3 straight buy games.

Louisville will easily go to 0-4.

Tulane fell apart in the 2nd half against Nevada.

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Arkansas is a baby giraffe. Amazing talent learning to walk

5 star Nick Smith has been resting a knee injury. He hasn’t even played yet this season

tulane losses 1st round of MTE… jalen cook didnt play

this is a devasting loss, not just becuase its a low q2/q3 loss… but becuase it puts them in the losers bracket of the mte preventing tulane from playing any major teams in it… assuming kstate beats rhode island …tulane will not play a top 100 team in its OOC

Creighton is legit competition for NC… That is all.

That is what I said many days back about Creighton. Glad folks are concurring. There is a flow to their offense that reminds me of Scott Drew’s championship team. Creighton’s defense is not elite though.

They’re physical on both sides of the ball, Alexander looked like a great perimeter defender to me and they have a rim protector… They looked good on defense against Tech to me…

The meme is almost complete. Just waiting on Cincinnati or Temple


I watched USF for the first time. They are really bad

Speaking of Temple, I couldn’t believe one of the commentators in their last game made the statement that they were a team that could make a run in the Tourney

Tech’ offense is not very good. That will skew opponents defensive showing but it will be interesting when Creighton plays some good offensive teams like Duke.

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St Joseph vs Georgia in progress right now. Georgia is quite good.

Syracuse in a dog fight vs Richmond.

63-63 Richmond ball. 17 seconds to play

I hope some folks here were watching the St Joe’s vs Georgia. It is a good yardstick to compare how Georgia is playing against St Joe’s to the way we played. I have to say, very impressed with Georgia. Lock down defense, offensive rebounding domination, and excellent shooting.

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