Garrison Vaughn

Has this young man been impressive or what? Not a bad player to build your secondary around for the next 2-3 years. Wouldn’t shock me if he doesn’t exhaust his eligibility on Cullen.


Me neither. Football is starting to become more like basketball, if you get any little buzz behind you, they’re going to declare for the draft.

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He’s a very solid player and I’m glad he’s getting time out there.


His first game or two he didn’t look very good but since the Tulane game he has been very solid.

He looks good. The hit he put on the TE at the goal line was tuff !


He has shown to be a very solid player with a high upside for the future. Major has come under a lot of flack for his recruiting, but except for jucos and transfers, his recruits are only RS frosh or sophs and just starting to get into action. Some are doing very well.

I see improvement every week and see how they are being coached up.


He’s very good.


Honestly, I am just happy we are talking about some standout defensive players. Vaughn, Kirven, Turner, and - more controversially, Stuard - have played really well. You can tell which side of the Stuard argument I am on based upon my avatar. The guy has probably played more snaps than anyone else this year on both sides of the ball.


Vaughn is a genuine stud!

And part of a Defense that is continually getting better.


I love Stuard’s Enthusiasm and hard aggressive play. He is not the fastest guy and because of that I think he takes some bad angles at times.

Having said that, he has to be on the field.


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I love Stuard for his run defense, toughness and how it seems he never quits on a play. His pass defense is another story. I called the play he gave up for a touch down against Cincinnati and was glad to see him get some help after that.

Despite our record, our defense is improving every week, and you can finally have some optimism for future on that side of the ball.


Actually, after reviewing that play, it wasn’t all his fault. He was looking after 2 receivers. Someone else dropped the ball, the scheme was wrong or it was just a damn good call by Cincy.

He shouldn’t have been looking at 2 receivers. He had the slot and the corner had the outside receiver. Perhaps I am missing something.

Like I said, I love his effort, but there are too many plays where he is stuck chasing a receiver.

Have him come in for Mutin in passing situations. He would be an outstanding rush guy. He’s one of the best downhill players on this team.

I agree and he was on the slot guy( who actually caught the TD pass), but then the back came out of the backfield and no one picked him up. He hesitated, TD.

It was like thought we were in a zone for a split second.