Gary Patterson on Big12 Expansion

Patterson was at a lunchtime gathering of business leaders and TCU ambassadors in the Champions Club at Amon G. Carter Stadium in an event sponsored by the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce.

:black_small_square: When it comes to Big 12 expansion, the coach reiterated his indifference with a new twist. If it helps the Big 12 advance a team to the playoffs, great. “If it doesn’t, don’t.” If he was the sultan of the Big 12 in its current 10-team configuration, Patterson said he’d like to see a championship game only if there were two teams tied. If there’s an undefeated, undisputed champion, then no.

Master of the obvious !

I have seen playing both sides of the fence before, but he is playing the top and bottom too.

Pretty much succinct for a HC …

Uhhh … it’ll help advance … BOTH consulting firms were affirmative with this assessment.

Patterson is typical of most HCs in the Big12 … they are more concerned with the x’s and o’s … offense and defense … who’s NOT injured and can play and who cannot.

The admins and underarm biggies are being paid for being administrative … he is not.

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