Gavin Hals

2/3 star OL from CA. We are his only real offer and he’s probably signing with us tomorrow. He doesn’t use his hands, and his feet are slow, but he is a brute and can really bully people around. Him and Faminu are big projects, but you have to think this is what CDH means about building a program. Odds are 1 of these guys might eventually turn into a starter for us. But giving guys with natural ability the opportunity, coaching and resources to develop is how you develop talent, something that hasn’t been done here in a couple years.


6’5” 299.
That’s a nice frame to red shirt and develop


Seriously he doesn’t use his hands and his feet are slow?


I asked myself the same thing haha

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Pic from prep school



I am assuming he has a can do personality.

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Looks like he didn’t play this year or most of the year.

Had some good teams looking at him before the season.
“He also has interest from FBS other programs including Cal, Louisville, Washington State and San Jose State. In addition, Hals plans to camp with UCLA this summer.”

The speed isn’t too big of an issue if he’s playing on the inside of the line…but is he allowed to block with his elbows or would that be a personal foul?

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He throws his body into every block. Its fine when you’re half a foot bigger than everyone. Won’t work at the next level. I saw at least 3 plays in his HIGHLIGHTS where if he knew how to use his hands he could have taken over blocks, allowing the guard to work to the 2nd level, and spring the back from a 3 yard play to a 10 yard play.

Learning to use hands is coachable esp with a redshirt and our oline coach has been at this for at least a decade.


Exactly that’s what I’m saying. Has a lot to learn, but its all coachable stuff. He has potential to develop, and these are the kids that don’t get a lot of hype on NSD, but that are very important in the long term building of a program. Sorry if I wasn’t clear on that


That kid certainly has a body that could develop well. That type of natural height and weight can be hard to come by.

If he isn’t very quick on his feet laterally, then perhaps we should project him to move inside to guard or center.

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If Dana gets the program where he wants it, we won’t see this kid until his redshirt junior year

He sounds like a project, but with great potential.He just needs good coaching for a couple of years…then, look out.

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He’ll look good getting off the bus😎


Even Alabama was interested but no offer.

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Anyone know, or have the google search skills to find out, what sort of hate and deception kept him from playing his senior year? Just curious.

I assume colleges have been talking to his high school coach to find out why didn’t he play his senior year. That could explain why he didn’t have any offers but if CDH is okay with him, I am also.

This staff has stuck to their guidelines. No reaching for anyone unless that person has exceptional physical gifts that can be coached up. Otherwise, the recruits have to be at a pretty high level already as evidenced by the average rating given to our recruits by the recruiting services.

One guy that is on the team now that is an example of this philosophy is Peyton Turner. He has turned out well. His size and physical gifts allowed him to be projected as a really effective player once he learned the game and got into the strength program. He actually burst on the scene early, but now he is a good D Lineman in his own right.


Quick search: A transfer issue ?

I didn’t include it in the screen shot - a few sentences later it mentioned Hals was cleared ?