Gen Xers, is this right?


Yeah this is pretty spot on my mom went to work when I was in 2nd grade and I never had anyone watch me and I became able to feed myself pretty quick and managed to survive.

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We were the smallest family on the street with 5 kids. We got on our bikes and were gone. I spent most of my time in the woods fishing. Brought a lot of fish home for dinner.

I do not know 15 ways to remove a blood stain. However, I do know 15 ways to create a blood stain

But that’s a boomer. We lived on rotary phones

I’m the youngest of a family of 5 kids. I’m last of the boomers. Had friends that were part of 8, 10 kid families. The bicycle was THE revered social instrument. In the summertime, gone right after a mid-morning breakfast and didn’t come home till dark. Since my mom was stay-at-home, we would occasionally crash my house for a snack and a soda. One of my buddies’ father worked on a shrimp boat, so got some good eats at their house. Bloodstains, yeah…all the time.

Four boys and one girl all within just a year apart. Growing up in an apartment building. 15 or 17 times to the emergency room in one year…I can’t remember. Yes there were many fights (I can’t remember) between us or rival enemies. We would be out until dark even if it rained or snowed. My mom used to open the window and ask us to come home. We all turned out fine.
Isn’t it ironic?
We were outside then.
Today children look into a tablet to get outside.