Gender Ideology is a lot of fun

Leftists don’t like the truth

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related to the thread topic, heard a radio interview of a former fire dept chaplain from an Austin fire dept because he was fired for putting out a blog post that transgender men are not women; he said he came here from england in 1999 and 23 years later, this is not the same country he came to then.

you lefties here and in general just cannot see the usa is just the frog in the cooking pot they have been slowly increasing heat until we’re cooked.
although some of you may be just fine with socialism or communism. if so, congrats; the usa is firmly on that road.

Why stop, I’m sure you have more.
You know who else think woman volleyball players have too much power, the Tailban. Blaming women because men just aren’t strong enough to not sexualize everything. You sound like the cab driver from Yemen that wanted to tell me that woman in America are too free in their how they dress. He claimed it was the biggest problem in America, as he asked “why do you let your women dress like that”

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You missed my point. I’m ok with women dressing sexy the way they do. I don’t have an issue with it and want it to continue. I don’t want them covered up like the 1800s and most men agree.

My Point was about objectification of women which is true but that if women truly want it stopped, they could dress differently and force fashion to change by buying habits. The older ones do generally dress more conservative but younger ones and overall women want the fashion out there just like the volleyball ball players that have a choice yet dress in bikinis. It’s bc they like male attention or ratings in sports vs having conviction and saying no more, we will dress conservatively. The college and pro track athletes could wear reg shorts yet most wear the bikinis which is choice. You can’t have it both ways where you dress provocatively then complain your objectified. If all women and the fashion industry stopped it then it would stop as a problem.

Again I don’t care and like women dressing sexy so your Muslim ex doesn’t fit me. Muslim men over there don’t want women dressing sexy bc other guys will want them so it’s a form of controlling their women. They don’t want their women driving or getting educated. I’m against what the Muslim men do there.

I think we get your point. I know I do.


Maybe the trans can form their own leagues? We do in sports all the time. 6U, 8U, girls league, boys league, over 50 league. Special Olympics. Handicaps. 3A, 4A, 5A. D1,2,3. We do it so its even. What’s the difference if we say trans can compete, just it their own league.

Not sure if this is serious or not. But there’s no way there are enough of them to form a league unless it covered really big geographic regions.

So I assume the blog post showed him as a fire department chaplain and it went against some policy they have to separate personal opinions from opinions of the department. Many companies, public or private do this. This isn’t communism or socialism. You see it a lot with any uniformed service like fire department and police. I remember when female police officers got fired for posing in Playboy. The organization you work for has standards and policies of conduct, you run afoul of them and you can lose your job. It was the same in 1999 as it is today.

Now of course we don’t know what the blog post said either. He could have said “I don’t believe God created trans” that would be one thing. He could have gone on saying that transgender needs to be eradicated or something more extreme. Did you look into more of his story after the interview? While his account is certainly valid, there is likely additional context that might give someone a different opinion than they would have from only hearing his account.


Of course this isn’t the same country from 23 years ago! Neither is England. The country and society changes, not always for the better. 23 years ago we didn’t have social media like we do, 23 years ago we didn’t have streaming movies and tv, 23 years ago we didn’t all have cell phones, etc.

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While I agree there are probably not enough out there to form a league , the idea of handicaps
could be developed to even direct competition. Take the men’s avg in 100m swimming freestyle and compare it to women’s avg freestyle. The delta can be used as the transgender benefit that gets
added onto a race time.

Leagues can work this out and no need for government intervention or laws .


Leagues and sports federations are figuring it out….again, this is a grievance issue where all of a sudden the right demands the government intervene.

Make no mistake transgender issues are the current issue but is not the endgame.

Overturning Roe vs Wade was a big win and they have same sex marriage in their sights.

They are also planning to go after contraceptives too, the goal to make the BC pill illegal by saying life starts at conception and BC pills destroy or make conception unsustainable…ie murder.

A Trump appointed judge will rule if the courts can overturn an FDA approved product used for medicated abortions that has been sent by mail. A court has never been used to over turn a FDA approved product before but the judge is a major prolife advocate and was a reason he was appointed by Trump.

If the judge hands this well funded prolife group the win, it will get appealed and go through the process to the SC but they will then start a lawsuit against BC pills.

These trans bills are just the right fine tuning and abusing the political system to set us back to when it “was great” in their eyes.




Having “trans-only” leagues completely defeats one of the primary purposes of transitioning. Trans women want to be identified as a woman, fully. Therefore, they must participate in women’s leagues or else it’s still discriminatory

And even if this became an idea, then trans women would dominate trans males.

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So you’re saying it’s unfair.

A trans only league? Yes it’s unfair. Might as well let wNBA players play with NBA players

I meant this.

Trans people. Whatever the f#% that is.


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Today’s dems: