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That’s sad that he’s taking heat for saying not to defund the police. We need law and order and for politicians to be on the side of police Initially until something goes wrong that they did then add training body cams etc to keep police honest then let the courts handle it if they do wrong.


Well said 25

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I do wonder why he changed his tone on the police, since they spent quite sometime trashing the police. I agree with it though. Of course the real dilemma is if he will actually follow through on it.

He never spent time trashing the police. He spent time criticizing the criminals in uniforms among the ranks.

Criminals in uniform were pardoned by the previous president.

Everyone knows there is a difference between good cops and bad cops and Biden spent no time trashing good cops. To honestly think that — (as opposed to knowing you’re lying but just feel too good saying it) is lunacy. You have to try to be that stupid. Really.

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Just curious Johnny, have you ever disagreed with a Democrat politician on anything? Have you ever voted for a republican for anything?

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Of course I have. I’m trying to figure out what would prompt a question like that. I disagreed with Obama on the use of drones to kill people, for one thing. I disagree with Joe Manchin on a lot of things. I strongly criticized Andrew Cuomo.

With all due respect, I’m not the topic.

Biden didn’t trash police. That’s the topic.

My secret ballot and voting record is pertinent how? :thinking:

“They” as in the left spent a whole year or two campaigning to defund the police and demonizing all police for the actions of the few bad apples. And he may not have been “trashing cops” but he did say he wanted to defund them. Just as he has said numerous things throughout his political career, that were quite puzzling.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1284543515268124673|twgr^|twcon^s1_&

Police now do things that have nothing to do with safety and protection of human life, domestic disputes, chaperones, traffic control, document delivery etc. Moving these tasks to other units (and the budget that goes with them) doesn’t remove money from police.

Maybe. But the young woman specifically talks about using money being directed towards police for education, housing, healthcare, employment, etc. All noble causes. But it seems that she is implying that all of that comes directly from the budget that would otherwise be directed towards police use, correct? So, it was surprising to hear Biden say last night, not to defund them but to FUND them.

Biden’s never been for defunding the police. That’s Fox News propaganda. He’s been for some reforms, which are obviously needed given the statistics and what we’ve seen on the news. The only Democrat who says defund the police now is far left DSA member Cori Bush, but she’s less a Democrat than Marjorie Taylor Green is a Republican.


Top 25 has it right. We want law and order and we want to bring rogue cops to justice. You can have both. Hell we have cameras everywhere now, every police stop should be filmed. I would think the police would want that. For every rogue cop there are thousands of righteous arrests.

It seems pretty simple to me.


Rasmussen is a helluva vaccine


Just off the top of my head?
Ilhan Omar, AOC, Rashida Tlaib, Maxine Waters, Bernie Sanders, Ayanna Pressley.

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Okay, a handful of the most radically leftist members of Congress, who are actually members of the DSA rather than true Democrats do support it.

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Chris you summed it up. The only reason he mentioned the police is because his polling numbers are abysmal. Independents are now two to one against him. His party has to this day never denounced antifa or blm. They never denounced the rioters that cost 30 plus lives and $Billions in damages. They did nit denounced antifa members…THEY BAILED THEM OUT. How is that fir funding the police?
During the first debate he defined antifa as an IDEA. The statistics show by an overwhelming number that the police is not racist. The numbers do not lie.

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“Now” is the operative word…so is your point that you and your party have done a 180 flip flop

Policing is a local matter paid for almost all by the municipalities. Some federal dollars are mixed in, but I’m all for letting the good people of Chicago or wherever decide how much to spend on policing and determine how to spend their money on other interventions for non-violent crimes and crime prevention. Other than the DOJ sometimes bringing suit against police misconduct, if in violation of federal laws, I’m not even sure why this is such a big deal in national politics. Nobody in congress can defund our local law enforcement. Just stuff to yell at the clouds about, pure theater.

There are plenty more, I’m sure. Those were just off the top of my head.