Gettr's Chinese Billionaire Owner


The revelations show that a man accused of massive fraud on two continents climbed high into Trump’s political sphere and dictated messaging at a social media site that reaches millions of Americans.

Is anyone surprised by this?

Trump is orbited by fellow con artists and grifters.

In 2021, Graphika reported that Guo had pushed people to attend the Jan. 6 rally, using the #StoptheSteal hashtag. When the attack failed, Guo switched to amplifying claims that the violence that day had been the work of antifa infiltrators, Graphika said.


The impressive thing, is that you posted something about China without being over the top racist.

How is that possible?

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Simple, I’m not Chris.


More importantly, how is this Biden’s fault?

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All the politicians are dirty snakes….lots of sociopaths in that line of “work”.

Lots of studies have shown there are a lot of overlaps between CEO’s, Presidents, and sociopaths in their tendencies, actions, character traits, etc

Instruct yourself with what chicoms means. Then get back to 1st grade.

Flagged for vulgarity.

And respond if you are a nutty nutsack.