Ghost of SWC

It is pretty unbelievable who is left.

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Baylor, Arkansas, and Houston.

3 of the remaining 8.


And Austin looking for a new coach, ha!

Shows how tough the SWC was and is

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And Texas Tech played for the title last time it was held…

BTW, the Houston-Oregon State winner will either face Hunter Yuracheck’s coach or Mack Rhoades’ coach in the Final Four.

Since they were here when Sampson was hired, that’s a potential story line should Houston advance.


Last 2 AD’s of UH are at these 2 other schools.

Edit: ooops I didn’t realize it was already posted rt above.

The SWC back in the day had very good coaches:

Abe Lemmons
Shelby Metcalf
Guy V
Eddie Sutton
Dave Bliss (he was apiece of work)
Gerald Meyers

Those were very good basketball coaches and very colorful. Shelby Metcalf and Abe Lemmons were the some of the funniest coaches ever.


Those were the good old days

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