Giant iceberg the size of London breaks off Antarctica ice shelf

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Wonder why, we are not trying to harvest some of these icebergs and melt them down to the fresh water that there made of and store them into supertankers and transport the water to areas around who need fresh potable water. Guess there is no money in doing so forr free enterprise. Thats why governments should get involved especially the Western World and China Arab world especially the oil producing who gotten massively rich off carbohydrons, alm thes arre majorly responsible for climate change

I’m guessing cost, unknowns and unreliableness vs de-salinazation and other means would be why.

Icebergs are large chunks of ice that break off from glaciers. This process is called calving. Icebergs float in the ocean, but are made of frozen freshwater, not saltwater

No they aren’t saltwater but my point was we can get fresh water from salt water with a completely reliable process and I imagine with less cost than mobile ice berg harvesting.

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That said…maybe one day DARPA or some other ‘why not try it fund’ will throw some money at it and give us a better idea of the feasibility.

I see the rich. Countries did sign off on a agreement to help the poor ones, deal with. Climate change just thinking this maybe a way. To do it. Since potable drinking water is becoming a huge issue. Live on a planet 3/4 water and water is an issue. Unbelievable jmo