Gibbs and Spavital?

Who is a better fit than David Gibbs and Zach Spavital?

Bo Pelini…bring him in now!!!


I think spavital is going to join his brother at Texas state. Spavital is definitely the much better recruiter.

Knute Rockne and Bud Wilkerson …

Did you REALLY mean “flop” and not “fit”


Gibbs takes a big hit without Spav (from what I’ve gathered about Spav on the board). I hope we are evaluating more options.

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Gibbs ? He was alright but don’t make it sound like he was Todd Orlando good. It’s like moving from your old house that was decent and had fond memories to a better one, and all of a sudden you have to move again, so you have to move back to the old place ?! Nah.

To me, it seems more like moving from (1) a really nice house into (2) an even better house, and then into (3) a third house which floods under ~10 feet of water. Then, you get to an opportunity to move back into your first really nice house.

I guess you could say that I’m “a glass half full” or “house above the flood plain” type of person.


You forget about the 200 sq. ft. shack with the sunken roof and the one wall constructed with paper mache and duct tape that we’ve been living in the past two years. After that, the first house you mentioned would seem like a 5 million dollar mansion. Personally, I’d be on board with the Gibbs hire. Are there better candidates out there? Probably. But I think you know what you’re getting with Gibbs and paired with this offense we should be favorites to win the west and really challenge UCF.

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He wasn’t Orlando good? He handed Orlando a defense that was tearing away turnovers like a ### scirocco.

And when it came time to look for a new coach there was a sizeable contingent of this community that supported him for HC.

And in a rarity for this board that contingent was not considered crazy by the others. It was more an Offensive vs. Defensive oriented approach.

And Tech went to Gibbs when they needed a DC…not Orlando. He’s every bit as good as Orlando.


i think Gibbs is a good choice but would love to hear of someone better

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He was our acting Head Coach when we had that epic comeback win against Pitt in our 2014 Bowl Game.

Todd Orlando inherited his players in 2015.


Just for fun I checked out his dad’s bio. His father Alex was an assistant for 17 different college and pro teams. He also coached in 2 Superbowls.


That be some 'nolege there son.

17 teams

Yep, he’s considered The expert of the zone blocking scheme. Kubiak brought him to Houston when he first started there to help implement it. That’s basically how David ended up in Houston as he was coaching for the Texans before being let go and getting picked up by the Coogs.

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He wouldn’t be my first choice but he’s not a bad candidate. One thing is for sure, we’ll get back to creating turnovers. That seems to be his specialty at every school.

Everyone keeps saying this, but we didn’t stop… vs FBS teams we were 20th in turnovers per game this year.

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Unfortunately on the NCAA stats wesbite, they don’t have a “punts received” category. Punt returns don’t include touchbacks and fair catches which we had plenty of this year. So even though it would be easy for me to add up how many times our opponents punted, there is no way using free stat databases to see where that would rank us.

We got plenty of stops. Our problem was too many big plays and stopping drives once they got rolling.

Absolutely. There were times where the defense was very good. Those other times, though…

The combination of a mostly good streaky offense and a mostly poor streaky defense was frustrating.