Give it time, he won at west virginia

Dana won at West Virginia so I have confidence he can do it here. We played 4 games in 19 days. So let’s see how it plays out this yr. The Acc also has s lot of good teams including Tulane , Smu etc. We will get there with this coach.


Dana shared a Big East title his first year at WVU.

After that he didn’t do much. About .500 in the Big 12. 1-4 in bowls as a member of the Big 12.

I think Dana can be successful here, but let’s not act like he was setting the world on fire at WVU. He was an average coach there.


He also had a better/more accomplished DC at West Virginia. The main reason he left WVU was because of money :moneybag: and security. It helped he was great friends with Fertitta even though he might not have been the best candidate for the UH job. " We know coach Holgorsen ain’t leaving no where anytime soon and use UH as a stepping stone job" ~ Tilman

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With the money being pumped into the football program, saying he had better staff at West Virginia is a travesty.

Plus, the stability is one sided. For us to want to part ways with Dana would further bankrupt the program. Not the other way around.


I agreed with your second statement. The first TBD. I really like their DC last year, I thought their overall talent on defense wasn’t the most talented but they’re pretty good last year there with the exception of that Oklahoma game when it was a shootout close loss.

Like who? Last time our final 4 was Lane K, Les Miles, and our 2 coordinators. CDH is a better hire than all of those and it’s not close. Hot coordinators like CTH would mostly go P5 today because that’s the formula that seems to work. Lincoln R, Kirby Smart, Jeremy Pruitt, all hot coordinators comparable to Herman all got major P5 jobs. Someone else has said it correctly CDH has the best incoming resume of any HC we’ve had. Saban and Dabo ain’t coming.


Good luck as now I have my doubts.

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Last time we were limited because Tillman put onerous terms into the search. Who knows who our applicant pool would have been like if the requirements hadn’t been what they were. As it is, the requirements were for naught because applewhite isn’t here.


I do my best not to chime in too much over here but Dana’s DC’s at WVU were a disaster for the most part.

First was a holdover from the old staff Jeff Casteel who only stayed on Dana’s staff for one year before bailing and reuniting with Rich Rod. Next up was Joe DeForest who might be the most hated coach in WVU’s history. Following Defo was Tony Gibson who had a couple decent years under Dana but nothing special. Dana chose not to offer Gibson to come with him to UH so take that how you will.

He won 8 games or more 4 out of 8 years. Finished top 25 3 out of 8 years. Finished top 3 in big 12 2 out of 7 years. He’s a good coach but let’s stop acting like he’s gonna Win 9 games or more consistently.


Still better than our current DC. I love how they were able to contain that Texas Tech vaunted offense in Lubbock and won.

Briles and Sumlin’s best teams were not their first team. 7-6 and 8-4 respectively. Herman’s was because he inherited a ton of NFL talent.

The great Bill Yeoman had 3 losing seasons in his first 4 years.

Pardee started 1-6.

CDH needs time. I don’t see an NFL draft pick on the field.

We are 1-3 and we easily could be 3-1.


Technically, it’s 0-3. PV A&M don’t count lol.

Why doesn’t PV count? Please explain.

We’re a couple of plays away from being 3-1. No time to panic.

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The year we went 0-Fer we were just a few plays away from winning just one simple game. The record proves who you are, not who you could be.

If FCS wins don’t count we need to break out our red pencils to revise the W-L records of many UH HC.


Well Dang – I was really counting on getting Dabo. Saban would be OK, but he is getting old and wouldn’t have as long.

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Not only us, but tell Univ of Michigan that their loss to Appalachian was just make believe and didn’t really count.

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For the statistically un-inclined, if you have a disproportionate number of close losses vs. close wins those usually even out. We won 5 games in 2002 after going 0-fer for example.

Look at Sumlin’s first year and our 1-3 start. We had two very close losses in that 1-3 start that easily could have been wins. Not to mention that there were extenuating circumstances (Hurricane Ike) that could be similar to our circumstances this year (two ranked P5 opponents, three straight short weeks, very questionable officiating vs. Wazzu). We ended up going 8-5.

Of course it’s also disingenuous to assume you “could” have won every close game. We should be 2-2 right now and I think it’s fair to think of us like a 2-2 team in terms of how good/bad we are.

On another note, we already had a “Holgo’s records” threads. The number of threads started since the loss has really gotten out of control.