Giving away my tickets + parking pass for Thursday (Up to five)

screw it and screw you dana.

up to five tickets, for free, whoever takes ‘first’ gets the parking pass. it’s in the blue lot.

section 236, row 1. if you only need three i’ll give you three, etc.

must be a coog. except for wvufan he’s cool welcome to our stadium :slight_smile:


Hoping a few of our students show up. We are going but if we weren’t it’s doubtful anyone around here would use our tickets.
Can’t wait for the Whorns

I would gladly take 4 tickets and parking pass for this game if they are still available.

You can’t afford $1.00 ticket free loader


Sir,Texas tickets are expensive. Every penny counts.

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Woohoo!!! Free tickets!!!

They’re still available!

shoot…I’ll take them and the parking pass.

Just sent a PM. I got a set of Tickets from someone else, next in line can take them!

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