Glad we played a slow tempo team

Gave us a chance to win it


I agree their tempo was slow. Now the game stats will show we were very lucky to win.
Total Yards WVU 546 / U of H 393; Pass yards WVU 391 / U of H 293 (how many on last play of game 40+ or so), Rush Yards WVU 155 / U of H 140; 3rd down conversions WVU 13-19 / U of h 3-9 (problematic); TOP WVU 36.46 / U of H 23.14 (this is ugly).

At the end of the day the one stat that is in charge is U of H 41 WVU 39 = W.

Edit. Last play for TD was over 50 yards. So we had 243 before the game winner. Not so good.


Completely unacceptable



West Virginia: The Mountaineers, who entered ranked 11th nationally with nearly 33 minutes per game, owned time of possession, holding on to the ball 37 minutes. … West Virginia was able to keep drives going, finishing 13-of-19 on third downs.

Houston stuns West Virginia on ‘incredible’ last-second Hail Mary - ESPN

Surely more unhappy fans can add to the list of awful aspects of the game. I’m just guessing the players enjoyed the win…

I genuinely felt great for the kids.

Stats don’t always tell the true story. I remember hearing “we won the battle of statistics” more often than I ever wanted to.

That said, this was A FOOTBALL GAME . . . . . It was fun, it was exciting and it kept most everyone on the edge of their seats. That is what a good competition is all about. In contrast, I attended a small school FB game earlier this evening. Home team received the opening kickoff and scores in several plays. Kicked off with an onside kick, recovered and scored within about 6 plays. Kicked off onside again and recovered a fumble. Scored in 4 plays. Score is now 19 - 0 and the opposition has yet to snap the ball. Ended up 52 - 0 and it was BORING . . . . . Thank the good Lord for providing all of us an extremely exciting evening of competition, and for sending (I know, it was just a few) unsavory fans home with their tales tucked between their legs . . . . .

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I’m curious……has anyone said they were upset the team won or mad the kids got to experience “W” ?

I think a lot of people, me included said they were happy the kids got the win.