GM Position with players getting paid

I mentioned this last week that there is going to have to be a position created or morphed into a deal maker. Hey five star d lineman come to notre dame and our d lineman have these group contracts and this is what you will make. Hey, here at Florida state our wide receiver group shares a pool of 100k from these five companies, come get your share.

It will be part of recruiting. ESPN is already talking about it, kind of.


espn created this. Are we better of because of it? The players are. I am 100% fine with it.

Does anyone think its coincidence that paying players happened the minute someone mentioned expanding the playoffs. Its ESPN’s job to elevate the p5…through marketing or mafia.

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This goes to what I said for years. Someone (or an organization-if you don’t like the U word call it something else) will then have to be created to protect the kids. The parents can’t do it themselves.

It’s a gray area for me, but everyone knows these players are the ones bringing the revenue to these schools. They deserve something for it…

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