Go Buckeyes!

Because pluck the big 12!

A OU win would help our SOS…

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Don’t care. Lost alot of respect for OU and their fans and the big 12 has d!cked us around long enough.



He dropped it before he got across the line, I cannot believe it wasn’t reviews.

I am okay with it, since an OU to win is good for us, but still… Must be a MAC crew, where is Gundy???

And they confirm that he dropped it

Welp,guess we drop out of the top ten

Not looking good for our SOS.

Omg…catch of the year.

Gotta give it to them, that’s a solid half by a CTH coached football team .

OU looked pretty bad tonight; sort of like they did against us. Would love to see an OSU/UH game as we’re just so similar.

Regardless of our SOS … not much one can do when the sooners don’t co-operate … especially at Norman.

Also doesn’t help when the sooner 2nd string QB stated earlier in the week that the buckeye defense was just a basic defense inferring that it was nothing special.

Great bulletin board material and its bad enough to face a top 5 team when your offense is struggling but to call out a top 5 defense and call it your basic hamburger helper and you have just flushed a sooner win and our SOS down the commode.

About the only positive I got out of that game was that I would take our defense over tOSU’s. They were able to turn Mayfield over, but they weren’t able to shut down Mixon and Perine like we did. I truly think our front 7 may be the best in the nation. It is going to be really interesting to see how well we’ll do against Louisville. I’m sure we’ll see Steven Taylor spying Lamar Jackson the entire game, just like E-Rob did to Keenan Reynolds last year. Louisville won’t see a front 7 like ours this year. Not even close.

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Ours and Alabama’s are probably the best two front sevens in CFB this year?


Gives me some confidence about that Louisville game, because most of Jackson’s touchdowns have been running. If we can take that element away, I bet they’ll sputter.


I have watched two of Louisville’s games so far–FSU and Syracuse. Jackson seems to be pretty selfish in the option game. He keeps the ball FAR more often than he leaves it with the RB. If we can have Steven Taylor keying on him every play–meaning Taylor lays the wood to him on every option whether he keeps it or not, we’ll throw him completely off his game. I don’t think Jackson can stand up to a constant pounding from Taylor. And I have no doubt our front 3 will clog up the middle so badly that it forces UL into stretch plays like we do with Ward and Catalon. Get Jackson out in space and Taylor will punish him.

One thing I know for sure, Todd Orlando will have a killer game plan for Louisville.


Jackson has yet to be rattled by anyone. He needs to taste some turf.


@2002Coog I like what you said, I definitely agree. LJ looks pretty shakey passing anything farther than 15 yards, and it really surprised me to see just how much they rely on the run game. It did seem “selfish” the way he played definitely, and I don’t have any doubt in my mind that our defense will make him suffer for it, I think if UL were forced to be one dimensional, LJ would get EXPOSED. unfortunately I think FSU was a little too full of themselves to really make a solid plan for that team. A mistake we definitely will not make.

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Believe me, we wanted OU to win. We need them to win the b12

agreed, FSU didn’t hit hm the way our D will… let’s see how he responds to it…

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