Go Get Him

He doesn’t even jump to dunk!!!

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I doubt If he plays much defense and of course he looks too slow. I don’t think he fits the UH culture but that was only one clip.


Lol, that’s a 35 year old man posing as a 17 year old.



All he has to do is make it from one end of the court to the other. Then he can either swat every shot taken in the paint, or just catch lobs at the rim.

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A little off topic, but this was written in the linked article: “Yao Ming and Manute Bol currently share the record for the highest players ever seen in the NBA at 7-6.”

I’m pretty sure there are a large number of current and former NBA players who could dispute that title. :drooling_face:


Go get him now!

It worked for us once before…


Thinking Mureson and Bol were taller than Yao.
Not sure they come any bigger than Eaton

RWcoog NBA list both Mureson and Bol at 7-7 and Yao and Shawn Bradley both at 7-6. Eaton at 7-4.
I had courtside seats for a Yao-Bradley matchup and spent a great deal of time to see who was taller. They were identical in height. I couldn’t see any difference in height.
I’m still amazed that at 7-6 Yao averaged single-digit rebounds over his NBA career.

They let people foul Yao to no end.


I still don’t think any of Yao, Bradley, Muresan, Bol or Bradley scratch the top 1,000 list of highest players in NBA history.


The extreme height doesn’t always translate into great play. Remember Taco from South Florida? HUGE… but just so so basketball wise (Extremely intelligent scholar, computer science degree, speaks multiple languages).

He’s actually in the NBA and still on Team that drafted him-- Boston Celtics.

Edit: played for UCF. Help give Coogs one of few losses at Fertitta. As Brian McTaggert would say ‘I was there’ .

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Chuck. Nevitt

He wasn’t so so. He single handedly won UCF a couple games with his defense. I believe his sophomore year he was recovering from a wrist injury which effected his offense. His junior year he was actually pretty good.

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I know he was single handedly responsible for one of 3 losses at Fertitta bc of his defense. I remember after a few blocks, Galen n the other guards would hesitate to go to the basket. Great rim protector, not much offense except offensive reb n get on his tip toes for slam dunk.

He’s tall and thats all.:grinning:

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