Gonzaga Back on the Table!

Yormark will be doing a basketball media contract separate from football next go round and I believe Gonzaga would add value with Pacific Time Zone windows and their national darling following.


These are all hypotheticals. Few could be gone before then, who knows.
The Big 12 is adding 8 new members in a span of 2 years. They need to slow it down. Adding too much too quickly could cause instability in the conference. History has shown these types of moves don’t work. Look at Wichita State as a basketball only add. Look at the WAC who expanded too much and too fast…
I love what Yormark has done but reminds me of that toddler who can’t sit still and always has to be doing something and making headlines…the Big 12 doesn’t need Gonzaga. Their will be no regrets or consequences for not adding them…


With the addition of the four PAC12 all-sports teams, why would the B12 feel the need to add Gonzaga? Makes very little financial sense.

What would be the projected financial delta between the current revenue contract with cable/network providers without Gonzaga vs with Gonzaga?

Weigh the expenses that universities have to incur for non-revenue sports teams to travel to Spokane, Washington.

My unimportant opinion is this…if Gonzaga wants B12 membership, then they should add a football team, then and only then, they’ll be considered membership.

Yormark and the Big 12 administration knows a lot more about why Gonzaga would be good for the Big 12 than us keyboard opinionators do. It’s their job to know.

Yormark has said, if it’s monetarily additive to the Big12, he will pursue it. I assume this applies to Gonzaga adding basketball revenue and being #5 on Navigate’s TV Power of college basketball.

Obviously, TV networks are in love with Gonzaga.

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I remember when TV networks were once in love with Heather Locklear. Where is she now?

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Yormark is interested in Gonzaga because he thinks basketball is currently undervalued by the networks. He thinks he can significantly increase our TV revenue by adding top CBB like Gonzaga and UConn. It remains to be seen if he’s correct in his thinking. What we do know is he hasn’t convinced the league presidents yet that adding Gonzaga would be additive.

Old and wrinkled. :laughing:

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Good one. :laughing:

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I know where I wish she was . . . . .


In her day, she was pretty special.

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Well if it goes to a vote then it’s pretty much a guarantee to pass.


Why add Gonzaga?


im in the minority - but im for it.


As I said, I’m only for it provided that it doesn’t dilute the payout for the football schools.

Interesting tidbit.

I’m pretty sure that the Big 12 will be the only P5 with teams in all four time zones if we add Zaga. Somebody check me on that.

If so, then is there something to be said for that?

Here’s the other thing.

If we add Gonzaga, then do we add either or both PAC-2 schools for travel partner purposes?

I’m 5 hours from Spokane, I’m always gonna say yes to an easy road game.

The old saying goes “Better to have them inside the tent peeing out than outside the tent peeing in.”


What I am betting is the relationships and cultures young Sampson is learning from is a 180 from that of Knight and Sutton.
There is a great chance he is able to keep the ball rolling when he takes the reigns.

One big factor in keeping the train rolling is keeping the rest of the staff in tact. Not only do they know Sampson’s system, but some are good recruiters.

As for Gonzaga, I’d love to see them in the big 12. The only way that happens, though, is if they add monetary value to the conference.

I’m about 6 hours from Spokane so this would give me an opportunity to see my Coogs. And for those that haven’t been to Spokane, the entire region is absolutely beautiful, especially Coeur d’Alene, ID about 20 minutes away.