Gonzaga over UCLA by 20

Dear Lord!!!

Just Dear Lord!!!

That guy can flat coach. And those kids do that stuff in their sleep.

Oh, and “make it a p5 only tourney!!!”



I hope WVU goes in as a 12 seed and faces Zaga in the second round.


in the second round they will be playing an 8 or 9 seed

I’m of the opinion that UCLA is grossly overrated. Top 20, yes. Top 5, no way. They retained a decent core of players from last year’s very average team. They got hot for a few games in the NCAA tournament…and now the carry-over effect is that everyone is crowning them Top 5. The media is just jonesing to have a good Pac12 team…especially out of Los Angeles.


You may be right.

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Perfect analysis. I thought the same. Got on a roll for a few games last year after almost not making the tourney. And turned that into #2 ranking to start this year. No way.


Cronin, however, looks to be much more comfortable in Westwood. I think I only saw him smile one time in Cincinnati. He smiles all the time in LA.

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Dude is a legit coach. Wish we could get a series going with them in Non-conference for a few years.

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Everyone was saying the exact same thing about Gonzaga last year, until Baylor had something to say about it.

If you get a chance, check out Arizona. I watched them run Michigan out the building.

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