Good guy with a gun

Here’s another good guy.

Comparing apples and oranges. This is a good example of how the NRA gun lobby likes to trivialize gun deaths. By changing the subject. Some folks who cognitive abilities are limited, buy into this pablum. It’s a false equivalency unless your cheeseburger is pulling a gun on you and blowing you away.


Not to mention the firearm death count in that meme is WAY off (like 5X).


If cheeseburgers murdered 50 kids at a time, I guarantee we would have a cheese burger ban.

Kids are being murdered. Guns are not “kewl”. They are a tool, that should be used to hunt or defend your family. One doesn’t need more than one or two for that.


Yes but he’s got 50 guns so he “ain’t skeered “.

That is just as stupid as your last meme. Geez. Relying on the Facebook genius factor to manufacture these things means relying on people without an ability to think it through. Surprise. That’s 2x a shame on you.

Absolutely agree. There are too many Leftists on the Supreme Court.

BTW - I bought Walther’s Final Edition P99 this week. Its double-single action. Meaning its double action on the first pull and single there-after. Beautiful German engineering. It comes in the original forest green and black.

Its going to go up in value as its the last run of this model.

And yes, for the Leftists on here salivating over that magazine, it is 15 rounds. The side latch mag release is an issue but you’ll adjust.

Yeah, the good things about most guns is that you can hold it in one hand while using the other hand to get off.

Do you feel macho now? I know you’re trying to be cute but:

Kids are being murdered every day.

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I never thought of the macho angle. But yes, in retrospect I do feel a little macho. The sidearm helps but the chest tattoo of an AH-64 is where the rubber meets the road.

(That’s an idiomatic expression denoting seriousness, not something you see at a parade)

Oh look, oh boy anothere meme from our mod. Bless your heart. Working so hard to find just the right meme to put all of us God-hating, commie loving libs in our place once and for all.

“Boy, they got me on the first 2 memes, but now I went to the super meme page on Facebook and Cletus GED Gun Genius (we call him GGG for short he he he) made the super ultimate bullet-proof meme of all time. They can’t say anything boy howdy. I’m the political forum gun genius of all-time.”

The following provided by the CDC, according to 2019 data (as if there has somehow been a paradigm shift away from these numbers) relating GUN RELATED CRIME FATALITIES (not including suicides and not murder by other means) per 100,000 people.

“Boy jest lookit all thim lib states.”

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I fact checked this one as your meme asked. It took about 10 seconds and it’s wrong, just like the your last one.


I know an emotional protest when I see one. I contacted Walther US on your behalf and yes, they do have a smaller magazine for the P99. This would accommodate busseycoog and Lee by reducing weight and causing less discomfort on the weaker wrists. You guys don’t have to lash out.

Please do not share your private collection pics.


I went to Glamour Shots

9 people shot, including a one-year-old child, after confrontation near beach in Hollywood, Florida, authorities say

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