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Where even after a week 5 win, the consensus across the board is calling for CDH’s head

But week 6 comes along, and the consensus says we should be ranked by week 7


For some the Tech game proved all. For others the current win streak and beat down of Tulsa proved we turned a corner. Most on hear don’t think the top 25 talk is warranted but any fire HC topics are real off base after the last game which i know has to be killing the anti Dana crowd. Got to love the fact we can even talk about a Championship game. Lot of season left, lets hope its a fun ride.


Maybe we are just one solid QB transfer away for next season to have a real quality team. Our Defense looks impressive and we look good at the RB position.

I’m starting to see some of the young nucleus CDH is putting together but can he be a reliable coach week in and week out…we can’t afford to have WHAT THE!!! type games.

Build depth these next two seasons and work on consistency before we enter Big12 (or PAC) play.

We have turned the corner. We now have depth we did not have when CDH showed up and I expect a decent record at the end of this season and continuing to build going forward. We will continue to rely on some transfers and Jucos, but will begin increasing HS recruits like McCaskey (sp?).
We will beat Tulane and then SMU. Hopefully finish ranked and that will help0 with recruits also.

There has not been consensus on firing CDH. There is a loud faction of anti-CDH folks, but there are more folks with a more reasonable approach of waiting to see how he does during his (some say 4 others say 5) years. I am in the latter group.


I’m hoping for 9 wins or better, fine with 8 wins given recent history, and probably a little-alot disappointed with 7 wins or less given the start we’ve had. It is funny how quick we can turn from doom and gloom to sunshine and rainbows. The rankings talk is honestly a few weeks premature but a win this week would give us a legit shot at reaching the CCG. It would be ironic if we started to come on before entering the Big 12 and UCF fell off. Given how we’ve been perceived as the weakest addition.

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Someone needs to look up consensus.


No one has been talking about firing Holgi this week. Just several die hard Holgi apologists talking smack and insulting Holgi doubters and acting like UH just knocked off Cinci or SMU rather than 1-4 Tulsa.

What a one sided world you live in


Such a victim . . .

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Oh Brad.

After your 50th hateful comment about the coach, we all (even those that ride the special bus) know you do not care for the coach. We get it, Danny Williams . . . . .

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