Good 'ol Phil

A “gesture” of immorality on a galactic scale. They live in a cocoon, disassociating themselves from everyone else and reality, associating only with others like themselves and those they select to be in their posse. A profound waste that otherwise could have performed miracles. Living lives of privilege for hitting a damn ball while so many suffer. Take your putter and stick it Phil. Say hello to your buddy Art Schlister for me, the lowest level of scumbag.

So I feel like this needs some more context. I mean I had to deduct in the post this that it was Phil Mickelson. So what do we need to be outraged by? We need an article or even something to Google to find out why we’re mad at Phil Mickelson.

Agree, I’d love another reason to rip on Phil.

Phil gambles with his own money. He lost $40 million. His money to gamble away so long as he’s not fixing a game or tournament.


Yeah if it’s gambling, color me non outraged.


Crap, I thought I was gonna get something I could work with.

Hey, I need my morning outrage to work with to
make the day go better. All I got to work with is some
silly flagging a post of mine. You guys can do better
then this :wink:

Just remove Sergio Garcia from anything…and Phil can do what he wants. Sergio is a grade A ass clown.

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I support the morally depraved and unfettered excesses of those in our society mainly because everything else is pretty much ok.

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He did bet his own money thus generating taxe income.
Who are we to judge?
Well I will take a step back and will/do judge politicians that send soldiers/heroes on false proofs like weapons of mass destruction.
I take a step back and judge politicians that decides to shut down lifelong businesses on manipulated data.
I take a step back with airlines that decides to cancel flight after waiting three hours in a dirty terminal.
I take a step back when you have to wait hours before you can reach customer service.
I take a step back when my dishwasher stops working when its warranty is up.
Did Phil hurt anybody?
We all know that Phil’s wife is a cancer survivor.
Do we know what Phil contributes to charities?

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Great to see the responses. Pretty much validates my opinion of our society. Exalting “men” who boink porn stars while their wife is at home with the newborn.

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The moral equivalency game, always the wet noodle approach.


I don’t remember Phil boinking porn stars. I do remember Tiger having extramarital affairs but I have no clueas to with whom. As far as Phil gambling, that’s his business and nobody’ else’s except maybe his wife, whom he has been faithful to, as far as I know, and has been there for her throughput her cancer ordeal.

Phil has a beef with the PGA about something, but I don’t see how that makes him a bad guy. I don’t understand why people have a hate on for him.

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Gambling is an addiction as well as drugs, booze, etc. For one to use his addiction as a ploy to forward their own political agenda is appalling.

Not exactly in line with the Coogfans intent to support Coog sports and achievements.

Another thread where someone with money should give it to the poor….ugh

His money to do what he likes…… Art Schlister went to prison for BREAKING the LAW……Phil just sucks at gambling…… horrible comparison.

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Yeah like I posted I’m not going to be outraged by a guy with a lot of money and a gambling issue. If that money was ill gotten or something like that, sign me up for outrage.
But as far as we know it was his own money. So I don’t know where I should be outraged.

Now if we went to talk how he downplayed Saudi human rights issues, the same way Lebron and the NBA downplayed China’s. Well that’s something worth discussing.

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Phil lost $30MM of his $300MM net worth; he makes about $30MM per year and it’s his money. What he does with his money is his business and not something I care about. Funny, I didn’t hear all the wailing about gambling when Mattress Mac bet big on sports, I guess what’s good for one is bad for another.

I suppose none of those who are against gambling have any of their money on the stock market, which is gambling as well. And then there’s the lottery. Oh and we have a race track. Our school benefits big time from Tillman’s holdings which includes casinos. You see where this is leading.

Oh yeah, our presidents from both parties have pretty much ignored Saudi human rights issue.

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Mac actually uses it as an advertisement and supposedly as a way to increase sales. Big difference.

The stock market is not gambling; if one is taking that
approach , I hope they don’t work as a financial planner.

You’re spot on about the lottery as gambling; I would hope few coogfans are spending a year of their income on it or 10% of their net worth. But it is their money…for
short time.

As for Tillman, he is running the business and I think
his track record is he makes money at it. People get a thrill gambling their money, that’s their right.

So Phil gets ribbing about his gambling problem. And at that level of involvement, it is serious problem. Sad

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Care to extrapolate?

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