Good Omen: ESPN

All the talking heads over on ESPN are gleefully dismissing UH and picking Oklahoma. They did the exact same thing with Florida State. I will take it.

On paper, they should win pretty easily. They’re bigger and have better athletes and have a proven track record of greatness.

What’s not on paper is that we are coached VERY well, and our players should be that much better with 2 years of the Herman Experience.


Exactly. Plus there is execution and effort, plus we have talent.

Need Orlando to work his scheme magic

If we can shut down the run - our strong suit - I think we can get some TOs in the air and just rattle the O enough into mistakes.

It ain’t gonna be easy, but these coaches have proven they know how to prepare.

And how is the communication among the new secondary players? One mistake can cost the Coogs. I agree with the approach though: make OU 1-dimensional and create opportunities for INTs. The chess game will be fun to watch.

And what song will be played more? Whomp Whomp or Boomer Sooner?

That’s what makes the Air Raid scary… it can stink for 55 minutes and then beat you in 5 minutes.

I think we run run run, and try to chew clock.

I don’t know how we are going to do it, OU is bigger and has a plethora of 4 and 5 star athletes and depth out the wazzoo. We have a young inexperienced secondary against their Heisman QB. After our season last year and the thumping of FSU in the Peach Bowl, the one thing for certain is that they will not be looking past us or taking us lightly. Their coaching staff isn’t stupid, nor are their players, so I expect them to bring their A game.

But, I just get this feeling that we can pull it out. I don’t know how – I just think we will pull it out. One thing I know is that we will bring our best effort and that is all I ask.

@CougarDave We have already made a sign in the drumline that says BOOMER TALLY and were going to freak out and hold it up and tally every time they play it, yall should look for us, i think it will be pretty funny we even bought a BIG @SS Magnum sharpie to make it look even more ridiculous.


RED, I am right there with you. Somehow, we pull this out.

Monday’s CFB watercooler chatter now: Houston has no chance (Insider article)

Its an Insider article, but there are a few paragraphs available. Let’s just say that Ted Miller isn’t on the HTownTakeover bandwagon.

I hope we win just to prove that d-bag wrong.

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I have been saying the same thing. With Ward and Catalon, I expect a ball control team even more this year and that will open up some big passing plays from time to time. That’s dependent on the OL being very good as well though.

No, he isn’t, quick summary with some direct quotes thrown in:

The “metrics” state that we will regress on Turnover Margin, we will regress on our ability to win our close games.

Phil Steele calculated that of the 346 teams over the last 26 years that had double-digit positive turnover margins, 225 (65 percent) had weaker records the following year.

Ward is not in the same class as a passer as Watson

Additionally, we ONLY return 11 starters, and OU returns 13 (It is written to imply that is a significant difference - if it were 11 vs like 17+ ok, but 2 guys?).

"_But what if the above proves completely wrong and Houston whips the Sooners? _

And if Texas A&M loses to UCLA and/or Texas gets whipped by Notre Dame, both in front of their home fans, then coaching whispers will get messy in Texas. Oh, and you can also throw Baylor in there, too. A lot of seats are hot heading into 2016, including Les Miles’ throne at national contender LSU and Gus Malzahn’s at Auburn.

But there’s only one Herman to go around."

My personal thought, esp with regards to the Phil Steele calculation, is this - What the hell why not just take numbers of the teams that won more than 12 games and look at the season that followed it; with absolutely no research, I would bet the number of teams that won more than 12 one year, and won less games the following year is staggering - So if we are going to pick and choose metrics to pay attention to, the metrics state that UH, Clemson and Bama are all going lose ‘a lot’ of games this year.


You are right and that’s the way it’s been for 50 years. On paper UH is often the underdog in big games. In SWC days we should NEVER have beaten Texas. But we did, and often. On paper UH should not have been to a single Cotton Bowl. But we went to 4, same as UT.

Fortunately games are not played on paper or we would be lucky to be in C-USA.

And yes, on paper this should be a blowout by OU, and that might actually be the case. The OU fan boards certainly see it that way. Some are relieved to be able to leave in the 4th Q to begin that long drive back to the wastelands of Oklahoma. Why anyone would be in a hurry to get back to that place is beyond me, but thems the facts.

The odds makers certainly are all in with OU. Last time I checked OU was a 12 point favorite. May be more by now. In oddsmakers terms that’s a blowout. But I’m sure UH will show up anyway. Because games aren’t played on paper.

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