In the post game recap, SMU coach Jank said their top game plan was to contain Gorham. He said that they felt that it wasn’t the Cougars that outrebounded and beat them, it was Justin Gorham. He’s the key ingredient to UH’s success and they didn’t stop him. Great game Justin! 11 points and 19 rebounds.


Just imagine starting a healthy Fabian White AND Justin Gorham next season. My goodness. I’m getting excited just thinking about it.




I don’t think we are a great rebounding team but we do work hard. To keep us off the boards teams have to game plan for us and it takes them out of their usual game. I think that happened to UCF and SMU paid for it in the 2nd half today

What??? We are #1 in the AAC in rebounding margin. We’ve been out rebounded all of 2 or 3 games in the past 2 seasons


As Jank said, it helps that we were getting lots of penetration in the second half. That helped us be in a position to get rebounds. Nice to have rested Grimes and Sasser back in the second half too.

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Nothing to take personal. Straight up with better teams I don’t think we are but if Gorham gives us Rodman type performances it certainly raises us a couple levels. So far I think we are pretty dependent on Gorham.
But crashing the boards is still our identity and SMU found out the hard way the 2nd half.

That’s Chris Harris stuff.

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You know what is amazing is that UCF out rebounded us by 10 & we still beat them by 9 on the road! This team is more versatile than it has been before! We all know we can rebound & defend, but we are 22nd in steals & 45th in blocks in the nation! Don’t think we were in the top 50 in either of those last year!


Do you expect Gorham to return? He is a senior who may decide not to come back, and with his performances, he could be making money next year as a pro.

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I don’t have any clue if he will come back. I just hope that he does. Our front court would be awesome.

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Gorham is a 5th yr Sr so I would not count on it.

Also shout out to Chaney for some huge boards and putbacks


I think you may have something there, it may screw up what they usually focus on. I do think that we are a GREAT REBOUNDING TEAM by design! Going into this game vs. SMU Gotham was ranked 7th in the nation in offensive rebs. per game!

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I didn’t know we tracked rebounding by DC Comic’s Cities, but seems cool to me!

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SMU post game press conference

Is Gorham returning next season, huh…? Hmmm

dejon and gorham made a post preseason about how special everything has been…and tagged it “the last lap”… both could change their minds but i think both want this to be their last college season

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I wish I had more hands to give this post 4 thumbs down.

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It’s been exciting to see how Gorham has been turning up his game this year. I feel that he is only going to get better with confidence building as he notches another game on his belt.

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Pesik, was that Gorham or Gresham? I didn’t see the video, but it sounds like something deeky and Gresham would do together.