Got a personal reply from Kelvin

I emailed Kelvin after the Final Four loss and told him how appreciative our world-wide Cougar community is for his and his family’s efforts. How proud we are as a university community to be nationally-renown again in basketball. And how blessed we are to have his great family working for our great university.

He took the time to send a personal email back. It was great to hear from him and to hear, in his own words, how passionate and committed his is in driving this program to new heights.

If the tenor and excitement of his reply is any indication we haven’t seen anything yet!

I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to get an email.


Funk, did you tell him we have some real experts on here that know better than he does? :smile:


I was afraid to do that based on Duarte’s press conferences. Lol

I think he knows, though.

I’ve always emailed our coaches. I’m not one to bother people at events. I guess I kinda always feel they’re tired and already have too much weight on them to have to smile and be happy for people they just met. Maybe its just me being shy or uncomfortable about bothering busy people.

But there was still energy in Coach’s reply. It was almost like he stopped in the middle of watching films to reply to me. He’s in it to win it. I can tell you that much.

I email Dana too. Whitting as well. Something pleasant and positive. I guess it can’t hurt. Just ‘esprit de corps’ to keep the positive energy.


Good job Funk!


Tell him that Mr Beast want’s Tyson “The Statue” back today and that we don’t need any Doggone transfers!!

Mr Beast is a black budget consultant for the Athletic Dept. He’s not listed on the payroll but every week at 1am a black SUV drives down Scott St with a Manila envelope full of cash towards parts unknown.


Has anyone started drawing up plays to send him?

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Lolol…I’m almost certain of that.

(“Dear Coach, if you isolate Mark at half-court and pack the other four players in the free-throw circle…”)

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I wonder how many great plays from flag football CDH gets.


I wouldn’t want to test that with Dana. He doesn’t seem like the proto-typical people person.

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