Got My Season Tickets

Myself and four other of my buds who just graduated just got our season tickets. Not looking forward to the commute from Dallas every weekend but can not wait!


Not a bad drive… Welcome in!!

I’m sure the commute will feel great when there is a win. Welcome to the #HTownTakeover as an alumni. Also, get tickets to the SMU game.

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Now that is a commitment. BOOM!!!

Awesome! Its your generation of Coogs that is going to take this program to the next level.

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Have been doing it for 25 years. Good eating spots along the way. Easy drive. Great time to start!!
1-0. Beat OU.

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My man!! I will see you on the ride down 45 south!! C u at Calhouns after victory!

Nice commitment, GO COOGS!

Megabus to downtown then Uber to campus.

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Hang in there, they finally began construction on the high speed rail.

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I made the commute the last 4 seasons but I’m back in Houston (well The Woodlands) now. It’s wasn’t that bad except for the weeknight games. Well worth it to watch the Coogs!

Whoa whoa whoa, did they really?

Make sure to stop at Sam’s restaurant in Fairfield.

Article posted yesterday said ground breaking will happen late 2017.


“Texas Expects to Break Ground on High Speed Rail by End of 2017”

Good for you young man, that’s stepping up to the plate. If it makes you feel any better, the guy who sat in front of one of my seats in the old Rob, flew in from Kansas City every weekend for many years. Since we’ve moved to the Cage, I lost track of him.

I’m finally on the wagon. Don’t tell my old man until after Sunday, but he is, too.

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Quick question I don’t have to click a button so I can get in right?

Context: Season tickets (card) …remember the Astroworld season passes? Good times!


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I had an issue the first game last year. I spoke with the ticket office staff and they informed me if you choose mobile ticket or print it the card would not work. Not sure if that’s the case this year. Since that game I didn’t have a problem using the card.

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