Grading the Cougars (vs Temple)

WR/TE should be a C- at best. Too many drops and missed blocks.

DBs should be a B.

Agree with the rest

Do y’all think CMA is trying to follow the Nick Saban model…(LONG TERM) Run the ball and play great defense?

I know I know! We do not have a stellar offensive line and Running back to do that. However, based on how conservative the play calls are and the persistence at the run game it sure does look like it. It might be late and I am just forming patterns out of thin air, but it would be an interesting lunch room talk.

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That’s what our former coach was trying to do so my guess is that Applewhite is trying to do that as well.


I would have graded the the O-line D- on run blocking as they get no push and B for pass blocking - allowed one sack but it was negated by a Temple penalty on the play. RBs I think are a C. So much of what makes a B or A RB performance is good O-line play. I would have given Postma a B-. Made some bad decisions with the passing game. All in all, he did well and the more he plays I think the better he’ll get.