Great Article on Cam Tyson

He is a great young man:

Tyson brothers finding happiness and success with Seattle U men’s basketball – The Seattle Times

One of the great things about basketball is that because they don’t wear equipment, you feel like you get to know the personality and the person. They become almost part of the family. In football, you only really get to know the player on the field and unless they have a sideline blowup, you never really get the feel of the person. But in Basketball and in baseball to a lessor extent, the player and team feels familiar. I will always wish Cam Tyson Tyson well.


“He’s obviously a great scorer and great shooter — things people can see — but his intangibles are probably the most valuable thing he brings to the squad,” Victor said. “His competitiveness, his toughness, his work ethic. He was part of that Houston team, and he learned what it takes. Having that influence from a guy like him is great for our team.”


Has 14 pts at Half today. 4/6 from 3 pt line

Finished with 25 pts. I remember some posters on here thought he wouldn’t even land at a D1 program. Glad he’s doing well!

They’re all under the D1 level. Just wide ranges of Confs of course. He’s playing in the WAC-- SFA, SHSU, RGV n others. Good for him. He’s where he should be.