Greatest Shirt on Campus Yesterday


So someone paid money to support the team? Some folks shouild just stay home, or don’t come back when the winning is happening…

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I’m no meme expert, but it doesn’t seem to fit into what the meme is used for… Having one before the WSU game where it said “It’s Cougs” and “No, Coogs” would have been a better fit.


I don’t get the photos on the shirt.

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It’s a popular meme. The one on the right is a Housewife of whereever going crazy (never watched the show, but know that it is one of them), the second one is unrelated but is a cat with a hilarious “don’t give a crap” face.

Typically the meme is the woman yelling about something insignificant and the cat not understanding her overreaction. Being that I am Air Force, my favorite version of this meme is…


That is great!!

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I saw that guy wearing that hoodie on Sat too. We all busted out laughing because we were looking at a bunch of those memes at tailgate prior and then see that guy standing there.

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That’s awesome.

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