Greg Schiano fired as Ohio State DC

Another DC candidate available?

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Wow… that seems surprising? Yes? I dunno how they did this year defensively.

It may have more to do with his bubbly personality that he doesn’t have. Not a very popular guy.


After Christmas clearance sale at Ohio State…


Any day Schiano is fired is a good day.

If you didn’t like Briles guys on staff you’re not gonna want Paterno guys.


Ohio State’s defense was their weakness this year. Not surprising he got the boot.

Not interested at all for him as DC. Tons of talent and resources, he didn’t do that great of a job.

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Bucknuts?! Seriously? lMFAO!!

Rumor has it that he is trying to get back into the nfl.

I’d take him in a heartbeat, but he probably wouldn’t consider us.

Former college and NFL head coach. Tons of experience. Multiple coaching honors. OSU finished 13-1.

We don’t need Mr. Personality. We need Mr. Kick Butt and Take Names.

More baggage than Briles. Schiano is a PR Nightmare! I can’t support friends of Sandusky.

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Oldest kid is an alum and a season ticket holder at tOSU. Only UConn gave up more 30 or 50 plus yard plays than tOSU. The kid said the back end was always out of position. Thinks they were trying to do too much.