Greg Swaim: "It's not going to be Houston"

Swaim is a hack. I wouldn’t believe anything he says.

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Not really putting much stock into what he says. He has a past of some “interesting” behavior, including making up rumors and running with them.

It’s worth seeing what this guy has said in the past.

And the ACC is dead, just like the Big East

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So he isn’t just a moron. He is unethical too.

I had never heard of him, but hopefully he is indeed a hack. He surely seemed confident and specific.

Kronke, during the last round of Realignment he was throwing stuff out there on Twitter just like The Dude, and the other WV goof. Of course he was O-fer in all of his Twitter tweets.

He sounded pretty specific for pulling it out of his blow hole. He does characterize Texas like I would! I was pretty sure we had the Texas schools in tow, and a couple others. Lets hope he as much a loud mouth fabricator as his history states!

This was a fun read for lunch! Thanks for sharing. GO COOGS

The weird thing is that I can’t see the tweets on his Twitter page if they’re older than a couple of months.

I hope he’s blowing smoke because I don’t trust UT any further than I can throw them. One thing’s for sure. If UH doesn’t make the cut 2 things will happen:

  1. UT can kiss that Houston facility goodbye, and

  2. After promising support, not just symbolism but real support - the kind Ann Richards provided Baylor, both the Gov and the Lt Gov are going to face a lot of really, and I do mean really, angry UH fans in the polls. We will pretty much become single issue voters.

Let’s hope that all of this matters as this Soap Opera, As the Big 12 Turns, unfolds.

He is free to think what he wants! What I like is the fact that folks are talking about our proud University. We are the Topic of discussion, so lets help out by supporting our school in a positive light.GoCoogs! (Alright, my pregame speech is over) haha but really

What set me off was the snarky attitude of the two talking heads mimicking UT making a token effort to appease the folks at home. “Well we tried. Snark, snark.” Do they think that we are that dumb? Nothing less than a full-blown Ann Richards “if my team isn’t included I will rain fire on your heads.” And she meant every word of it. She was wrong, but she was sincere. Up until now I have been neutral about BYU. Suddenly I’m pulling for UH and Cincinnati.

For a long time, the B12 didn’t expand because UT was against it. All of a sudden in July, the B12 starts a serious expansion process. UT must have changed its opinion, likely because of the UT-Houston campus.

“Big 12 expansion is a non-starter unless it includes University of Houston.” - Gov. Greg Abbott

If UT isn’t successful in helping UH get into the B12, why wouldn’t UT revert back to the position it held before – no expansion? UT could say it tried its best to help UH, but it couldn’t overcome the objections of the other B12 members. Big 12 expansion is a non-starter unless it includes the University of Houston. I think UT has enough pull to make that statement become true.

The Ann Richards story has grown like a Davy Crockett legend. She never said anything like that about getting Baylor into the Big 12; she thought it was funny that people assumed she got BU in. The guy who spearheaded the drive to get BU AND Tech into the Big 12 was Bob Bullock. Read any investigative reporting from the 90s and you’ll see.

Oh, I’m sure that those who have seriously pledged support will stand up for UH. To not do so is unthinkable. And, you are right. UT’s and the Governor’s fall back position is no expansion. And that could ultimately ring the bell for the Big 12 as other conferences get both bigger and stronger. What really strikes me is that ESPN will sink so much money into the ACC and the B1G and then threaten the B12 for trying to keep up. Shades of ESPN and the Big East. We’ve seen how those guys work.

Sam, I’m totally aware of that, but the story plays well. Last time I tried to mention Bullock and his ties to both Texas Tech and Baylor (where he received his law degree) I spent probably an hour going back and forth teaching Texas history. Most of us understand that the real executive power in Texas resides with the Lt. Governor and not actually with the Governor. That’s where Dan Patrick really comes in. Nevertheless, the Governor’s support is vital to UH’s campaign. Thanks for the heads up.

THAT and the Big12 is committed to expansion from all the publicity it has generated on the 20 applicants.

The horns have the votes (TTx) to block whoever they want … not certain about the froggies but they have the cubbies by their huevos … vote with them or get booted … the cubbies haven’t a prayer and are lingering on the precipice of the abyss save for the grace of the 40 acres.

I suspect the horns will pull off a four team expansion should there be an impasse at 2 which is seeming more likely from all these bogus articles. ESPN will definitely not go for it but Fox will if they can get their $$foot$$ in the door and dilute the ESPN holdings.

Hasn’t Swaim been saying for weeks now that he thinks UH is in? What changed?

Swaim’s trying to get clicks/readers and figures sucking up to BYU will help with that.

He’s about as reliable as Dude, Flugaur, or any of the other folks that claim “sources.” It’s entertainment, nothing more.


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