Gregg Abbott and marijuana

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott won’t consider pardons for low-level marijuana offenders despite President Biden’s call for governors to do so, according to KUT Austin.

Why it matters: President Biden announced last Thursday that he will pardon all previous federal offenses of simple marijuana possession, which would remove a barrier that has blocked some people from employment, housing or educational opportunities.

Driving the news: “Texas is not in the habit of taking criminal justice advice from the leader of the defund police party and someone who has overseen a criminal justice system run amuck with cashless bail and a revolving door for violent criminals,” Abbott spokesperson Renae Eze said in a statement Thursday.

  • “The governor of Texas can only pardon individuals who have been through the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles system with a recommendation for pardon,” she said.

The other side: Democratic candidate Beto O’ Rourke, who is running against Abbott in the midterms, said he would legalize marijuana if elected.

  • Abbott previously teased reducing marijuana possession penalties to a Class C misdemeanor, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The big picture: Biden’s decision could result in “thousands” of pardons and allow offenders a chance at employment, housing and education that wasn’t previously available due to the offenses.

  • “Just as no one should be in a federal prison solely for possessing marijuana, no one should be in a local jail or state prison for that reason, either,” Biden said.

  • Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards said he would not follow Biden’s lead, saying he does not “have the authority to do in Louisiana at present, and so we’re going to be looking at it going forward,” per

  • Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine won’t follow through either since Ohio law does not allow the governor to make blanket pardons, a DeWine spokesman said, per

  • Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said he is against the federal mass pardon, too.

Meanwhile, Governors of Colorado, Illinois and Connecticut all praised Biden as their states made similar moves years ago.

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Nobody is surprised. It’s entirely on script.

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What about merits?

They committed a crime, why are we letting them out? Are we going to let burglars out next? Pedophiles? Where does it stop?

I prefer people who don’t smoke(anything) but its crazy to compare weed to pedophiles. Its a crime where the only viticim is themselves.


So we should let shop lifters out too? What about people with dwi who didn’t get in wreck or hurt anyone? Where does it stop?

Shoplifters steal. Duh.
Why is marijuana a crime? Just to put people of color in prison. Thats what the history and the stats prove. You compared it to pedophiles and buglars? If you think they are the same then you have serious judgement issues.
Marijuana convictions are an old outdated thing that never did any good

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We should let former government officials who steal documents off too? :wink:

If compassion can be shown to clear the records of these people, let them get a fresh start. Only the simple possession will be expunged. Any other crimes on their records remain.

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Not necessarily.

Driving while intoxicated includes intoxication caused by marijuana and other drugs.

That can DEFINITELY put others at risk.

Everyone does that though. Far more than are in prison for weed. :wink:

Law and order when it applies to the other side, not mine.

Is anyone suggesting letting people out with DUIs?


That’s not why they were convicted.
And i would make the case then alcohol should banned too

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This is a simple matter of compassion so these people can move on with their lives. Not a lot to see here.

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Some aren’t capable of that apparently. Law and order for them.

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Is Marijuana racist? I did not know that it discriminated.

I was driving down the 101 in California last year. Looked over and the car next to me is full of smoke, couldn’t see the driver. I was freaking out thinking his car was on fire. Took a second look and the smoke had cleared. He was puffing on a bong.

Stay in tune subject this is how threads get closed

Your head has been in the sand then. In Texas it was considered a Mexican scourge, in the cities it was Jazz(AA musicians) drug. The laws have racist from the get go. Surprise America has a history of racist laws

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Why would his post get this thread closed?