Grimes— All American

Grimes has been named 3rd team All American on both the Sporting News and Sports Illustrated teams.


3rd team… What a rip off

When was the last time we had a “true” All -American?

talked about this in the other grimes thread… but 1984 hakeem

also not sure what you mean by “true”, its hakeem either way, but do yo mean 1st team, or by one of the main all-american disturbers (like the ap), or consenus/unanimous

Mean one of the main disturbers,thanks

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Very deserving. Congrats to Grimes.

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According to the Chronicle, Gee Gervin was an Honorable Mention AA in 1999.

That was the last time any Coog had any sort of AA recognition in men’s basketball.

For the last “consensus” All-American, you’ll probably have to go back to Hakeem and Clyde.

Michael Young made 3rd team all-American in '84

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I think 3rd team may be about right. That said, he has a lot of season left to finish strong and prove otherwise. Potentially he is whatever he wants to be.

the main 4 that decide the “true all-americans” are after the season…so he’ll have his chance to move up in the post season

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Sporting News is one of the 4. There is only 3 left. AP, NABC, and USBWA.

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didnt realize they were one, i knew of the other 3… also just checked…i assumed they were all like the AP… only the AP is after the tournament …the other 2 are after conference tournaments


Either way that’s very good company. There are some dynamic guards out there. Some real studs.

It does qualify the accolades and promise he left HS with. Everyone that follows bball knew he had it in him.