Grimes may play today

Hurt shoulder in first half last game.

We may never know the impact Q had with his conversation to LJ Cryer, when he called Q to ask about transferring into UH. It worked.


is that a thing?

is Grimes still out? havnt gotten to the game yet to see and im lazy.

He’s out again today for game 5

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I like this guy…Giannis…

His thoughts on a reporter asking if this season is a “failure”… 2 minutes.


saw that this morning and smiled

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Really like Giannis and the way he handles himself.

Losing in the playoffs does not make the season a failure, I agree.

But I think JR Smith’s clock blunder in the 2018 Finals could qualify as a “failure” in sports.


Hennything is possible

Probable for today!

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Made a nice contested three! Has four pts so far

Thibs needs to put in Grimes. Maybe his shoulder hurts. He Hasn’t played in the 2nd half.

Grimes is back in action yes?

Yes, he even got some fourth quarter PT last night.

They called it.

Wait… Really?

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Grimes played all game so far. Key defensive stop just now.

I have hated the Knicks most of my life but I can’t root against Grimes its so easy to root for him even on a team I hate.

I will never forget his performance against Memphis in the AAC tournament. I have never seen one guy hit so many big shots in my life. He just wouldn’t let us lose that game.