Guess Football Season Ticket sales 2017

Would be my guess.

How educated of a guess is that?


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I know that they sold 2 to me.


No, we passed the 2015 total two months ago.

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How many now or how many when they announce?

I am guess it will be about 19k. I think some jumped off with Herman, likely ticket resellers.

But I have my 25 so I am good to go, I did my part. My goal is to gobble up as many seats around me and demand UH rename our section to Cypress Coogs…lol




If it is 13k, they probably don’t announce it

They lost 2 with me, but I don’t live in the state anymore. I looked and someone else scooped them up. Good to see.

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I hope you were still able to be a Cougar Pride member.

Nice! Our group grew by 2 this year to 26 total in our section. Let’s get the battle started to rename each of our sections for our group.

Code Red Tailgaters section 104


Looks like 16K … who wins?

Not over yet. They can sell season tickets through the Tech game (week 4).

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Start 2-0 or 3-0 and more packages will be sold to get those Tech tickets.


Season tickets matter, but if we still are selling out and keep our average attendance, I’ll take the drop in season tickets this year as it is understandable with some of last year’s unique demand drivers.


We will have to be 2-0 to sell out the Rice game (but probably still wouldn’t) because we aren’t getting any help from Rice fans. So weird that 10k Rice fans will show up for a home game against UH but can’t even bring 1k to a game that is probably a shorter drive for half of them. Anything worse than 4-1 and we won’t be selling out SMU either. 10K students to both of those games (5k + 5k at family rate) will help get us close though.

10K Rice fans aren’t even showing up at Rice stadium at this point. They announce that, but the pictures from their conference games last year showed a few thousand at most.

Might be time for Rice to seriously consider dropping to FCS at this point.